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 All to the glory of God the Father, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit

"Now learn, do not dwell in faint-heartedness, but manifest in the public places "all of the spiritual gifts" so that the power of the Father's Throne may be glorified in you, for this is the Age of the Holy Spirit."


I do not edit the testimonials.  I would like to make it clear.  I do not heal, only the Holy Spirit, God and the Christ Jesus; It is a priviledge to be a witness to the power of love.
These first four testimonials may be a little long but worth the read.   

Back to the testimonials...
Other disease issues addressed successfully :
Severe case of Meniere's, Double Pneumonia,  
Cracked hip bone in a 73 yr old woman,
Chronic low back pain,
Chronic knee pain,
Dying process interrupted that was for an unknown reason, also advanced Emphysema.  
Double Pneumonia (individual was on 100% oxygen) had multiple myloma as well; the pneumonia was going to kill him first.  No anti-biotic was helping.  I was in meditation, a formula was shown to me.  Ingredients I knew and one I did not per se'.  I asked a friend about it and low and behold in a weekend seminar she was told about this specific herb.
This herb and this recipe authored by God, healed this man of double Pneumonia.

       Bob Krouse of Houston, Texas (Retired Xerox)
I am a retired sales representative.    I have used Cynthia Adelle's nutritional advice in controlling my diabetes
and that has met with great success, as well as getting my weight under control. I also come to her for
body work.   

I had fallen on my boat deep sea fishing. I fell over backwards, landing on my shoulder blade. Much to my
dismay, I shattered the shoulder blade so badly it was inoperable. My physician at Kelsey Seybold Clinic
could do nothing for this shoulder. I had been going to Cynthia Adelle for Hot Stone Massage for years.
I am traditionally conservative and attend a Methodist Church. I am not apart of the healing movement per
say. I went to her for pain relief. Her magical touch has always brought me comfort and relief. Diabetes
affects my circulation as well as the amputation of part of my foot. So, I made an appointment. Cynthia Adelle
began to lay her hands gently on the area where the shoulder blade was shattered. Next thing I know I am
out and in a very deep resting state. When I came to, she said, how does the shoulder feel? I began to ever
so gently move it. Much to my amazement, no pain. NONE. I moved it some more, becoming more daring in
the range of movement. Nothing, no pain. I could actually rotate the arm all around. I was so astounded,
I went back to the Doctor at Kelsey Seybold Clinic and insisted upon x-rays. They proved it, the entire shoulder
blade had knit back together without a single fracture line. A complete healing.  Gods' blessings abound.

   Mike Till, CPA
My name is Mike Till. I am a partner in a public accounting firm in Houston, Texas and 45 years old in 2002.
I would not typically be described as being involved in alternative medicine and spiritual practices. In fact the
opposite is closer to the truth. I am very traditional and somewhat skeptical. A while ago, however, I caught
a cold and developed pneumonia. The worst of my symptoms was a hacking cough that was constant and
very painful. I coughed for weeks and felt miserable. I talked with a medical doctor who prescribed a dose
of antibiotics. I took the antibiotics for the prescribed time but did not seem to be improving.

I have always been a very healthy person who takes his body for granted and lived in denial about health and
sickness. Typically I just ignore any symptoms and eventually my body would heal itself. This denial was no
longer working and I could not keep the charade up. I simply was not getting well. I decided to visit Adelle out
of a little fear and desperation. The difference between the way Adelle treated me and the way the traditional
doctor treated me was like night and day. Adelle treated me, the person and involved me in the process. The
doctor treated the symptoms. Cynthia Adelle  also took the time and talked with me about good health and
prevention rather than crisis management. We talked about nutrition, stress, natural and herbal remedies,
energy and claiming the healing process rather than living in denial. My treatments included vitamin and
nutritional supplements, hot and cold stone massage to stimulate circulation and my immune system, a
poultice on the chest to draw out the infection and prayer and meditation to claim the healing process.  
At one point Cynthia Adelle said something to me that in retrospect really summarizes my overall feelings
about the treatments and Cynthia Adelle.

Her comment was that she wanted to get people involved and empowered in their own healing and that the
treatments were designed to do just that. I don't know about all that but I do know that I immediately felt more
at ease and involved. Denial and fear were gone and replaced with attention and intent. I also felt very cared for
and supported as a person. My body really loved the pampering and attention it received. Cynthia Adelle is very
nurturing and the effect was amazing.  To make a long story short, I quickly recovered after the treatments and
have never felt better.  

Cynthia Adelle's knowledge helped me deal with these issues and the treatments certainly gave me the healing I
sought. Interestingly, I have felt much less stress lately, an increased amount of energy and a renewed sense of
respect for my body.  As a result, as my business increased I found I am able to meet the mounting work and still
have energy to burn. I get more done in the same amount of time. I would highly recommend Adelle as a person of
integrity, a person who cares about people, a person who is very knowledgeable about nutrition, natural and herbal
remedies and one who integrates her knowledge within a Christian spiritual practice.

 Lisa W.  New Jersey 2013  Parasite Yeast Cleanse

Ok, so, here's the news. The first few days of using the herbs I felt a small amount of discomfort, a little cramping
and odd gurgling, but after only 4 days, I am able to say for the first time in years, my stomach is no longer bulging
out with enormous pressure. I'm sure my system was toxic from the yeast, parasites and stress inflammation. I
would overuse my back muscles when I stood up to try to pull in what looked like a pregnancy. I am now standing
comfortably with no back pain because my belly has shrunk in half. In 4 days. I also have started eating raw food,
( no dairy, sugar or grain of any kind ), juicing, nuts and seeds and a small amount of chicken, eggs and fish,excluding
red meat. I can't wait to see how I feel in 3 months.

I can't thank you enough Adele. I feel like I'm experiencing a shift in paradigms. The difference is that dramatic.

  M.M. Sales Rep., Houston, TX
On a friend's recommendation I called Cynthia Adelle. I was desperate. My Pomeranian dog was so ill. She
had liver disease that was destroying the organ and the vet let me take her home for the last time. The next
day we were scheduled to put her down. I was devastated. I went to Adelle as a last ditch effort to save this
beautiful dog's life. She saw me on such short notice, we came over, Alexis was hunched up from the pain.
She was a tight ball in my arms shivering. Cynthia Adelle took her out of my hands and put her on the massage

Next thing you know, she made this dog relax on her back! She told me to take a seat, and she had her hands
over the dog. She hovered her hands over the dogs stomach area. The dog went limp. Her tongue hanging out
of her mouth, her little paws twitching and flipping. Next thing I knew the room was filled with energy. It was
so thick you could cut it with a knife. I had not told Cynthia Adelle on the phone when setting the appointment,
that I was tired. She asked me out of the blue, what was bothering me. I said I was just overworked. She said,
No, it is something else eating at you. I really got incensed. I did not think that anything was bothering me other
than working so much. Well, while sitting there in her office with the dog, an overwhelming amount of emotion
hit me, I actually slid out of the chair onto the carpet. I could not control it. She looked over at me while her
hands were still on the dog, and said let it go. You are ok. You are releasing and the Holy Spirit has fallen
upon you. I will take care of you in a short time.

I weeped and weeped. I looked up, she had picked up the dog, that was yawning, Cynthia Adelle put the dog
on the floor and Alexis started stretching and wagging her tail and hopping around. Just as though nothing
was wrong. I was still crying, now with so much emotion, the dog was healed!

She came to me a took my arm and put me back into the chair, and put her hands on my shoulder and hand.
She said are you ready to forgive yourself? I did not understand, yet I did. All of a sudden all the emotion of not
having children, watching my friends becoming Grandmothers, I was so depressed.  I felt so much guilt for having
an abortion from when I was young. I thought it was punishment that I never had any children. She said to me,
you have repented, now it is time to forgive yourself. I felt all this release, all this emotion pouring out, soon I felt
like a thousand pounds was removed from my shoulders. I truly felt loved. I suddenly felt I could go on without this

Cynthia Adelle said, you know you can still be someone's Grandmother. There are children who need mentoring.
We talked and talked. I then asked about my health, I had dark circles under my eyes, weight gain I could not
control and she told me what supplements to take and how to change my diet.

Within a week I was sleeping well, the dark circles went away, the weight started to come off.
Most of all I felt worthy of God's love. Cynthia Adelle mirrored back to me that I was worthy of
God's love and forgiveness.

     Dirck Hecking, Commercial Pilot (Now retired), Indianapolis, IN
I met Cynhtia  Adelle in the most unusual way. I now believe that this was no accident. I was in Dallas,
depressed, it was AM and I was eating my third piece of pie. Stupid, I am a diabetic. I did not care. My
wife left me, and had funneled all our moneys out behind my back and was leaving me. On top of that I
had lost my pilots license due to severe diabetes. I was 100 pounds over weight. Needless to say I was
a train wreck. I am sitting in this restaurant, and in walks this tall blonde and the place is empty. She
could have sat anywhere. She sits down right next to me. That was weird alone. I glanced at her, then
away. She said, why are you eating pie at this hour of the day. I thought what do you care? Instead,
and I do not understand this, I started telling this total stranger everything. I mean everything. I am
thinking to myself, she doesn't want to hear this sad sack story. Instead, she gave me her complete
attention. Compassionately nodding at just the right times, she showed so much concern in her eyes.
Next thing ya know, she says, well are you ready to take control? Are you tired of being a victim? I said,
well yeah, but how? I had no money. I had no way to get a job at my age. I only knew how to be a pilot.
I could not fly. My diabetes is so bad they won't let me fly. She says, I don't want any money. I want
you to do the following, you can call me anytime with questions and when you need encouragement.
She pulled out a paper napkin, which I still have, and wrote out all that I was suppose to do nutritionally
to get rid of the diabetes and lose the weight.

She then left.  Well, I did it, got everything she told me to and did it. When ever I needed to ask a question
and talk she always, I mean always, took time for me. She was always happy to talk to me. I lived in
Atlanta, she was in Houston. She made me feel so good when I called. I never felt like I was being a
trouble. Less than a year went by and  I lost a hundred pounds, I went to the doctor and the diabetes
was gone.

I went to Emory University and showed them the results. They supply the industry with pilots. They acted
as an advocate with the FCC and petitioned for my license renewal based on the new medical records. I GOT
MY PILOTS LICENSE BACK!  Noone in the history of the industry has ever had their license restored once
revoked for medical reasons. I called  Adelle, I asked her if I could come visit her, at this time she had moved to
Colorado. I flew to Denver from Indianapolis and drove up to Evergreen. She as always was happy to see me.
She was so gracious. Made dinner for me, and let me tell her all my stories since my transformation. I brought
her a pair of my fat pants. She was so happy for me. She allowed me to take up her whole weekend so I could
thank her and bring her a check and some gifts. This woman saved my life. This woman helped a total stranger,
never asking anything for her help. She is the most generous, kind and dedicated healer. What doctor would do
what she did? Who lets' a stranger call them at home whenever they want and never make you feel like they are
put out. Who has such knowledge about the body to turn around a severe diabetic to the point that it is no longer
an issue.  Who helps you lose 100 pounds and puts back emotionally and spiritually all that had been crushed.   
 She gave me hope when no-one else could or would.

Massage and Spiritual Healing

     I have been getting massages regularly for many years. I do this as a means of showing my body how much
I care for it. I find most of my massages to be rewarding and definitely feel better for the experience. I soon
realized when receiving my massage from Cynthia Adelle that I was receiving something special. I realized that
she was literally nurturing and loving my body. I could feel my body responding to this nurturing. Does the body
know the different between someone massaging it with the intention to correct it and someone massaging it with
 the intention to nurture it? I think so. I felt so loved and the spontaneous methods she did, I really felt like my very
own mother was nurturing me.  I am in my sixties and have not felt that since I was a small.  It gave me so much
peace.  If there was any doubt in my mind, Cynthia Adelle has removed it. Her nurturing of my body was received
 with appreciation and for this I thank you .

Pat Peterson
Human Being

Severe Crohns Disease Case
Jennifer L. had severe vomiting, dramatic weight loss and had been going to the doctors for years.
Their solution was surgery.  She refused.  I started her on my protocol and within 7 days she
gained 11 pounds.  Vomiting subsided and would stop until she would cheat on her diet and then
it would start again.  Severe abdominal pain gone.  Sleepless nights over because of severe night
time abdominal pain.

Hot Stone Massage and Spiritual Healing
Dear Cynthia Adelle,
   Lately I have been so stressed out that I think I would implode without a safety valve and some downtime.
I always feel so great after our session. You really are the best. There is no question in my mind thay you
exude the utmost care and concern for not only your clients but the entire world. You always remind me to
remember to take the focus off myself and place it onto others. When I do that my stress declines and I get
more done.  Sometimes I just get too wrapped up in worry and then that is so counter productive. I resolve
today to do what I can do and let God deal with the rest. Maybe that is the ultimate lesson in life.
Thanks for being the ultimte Swami and friend.
Life Coaching Testimonial

Dear Cynthia Adelle
Please keep praying for my family and I. I can tell a difference when you do pray. It means the world to me,
I will keep in touch with you b/c your words of wisdom mean everything to me. I am so glad that I have you in
my life. You really keep me positive and strong. I have had a changed attitude on everything since I met you.
Thank you so much and this is not the end I hope!!!   Stephanie R.  Houston, Texas  2007

Long Distance Healing Testimonials

August 15, 2005

My family really believes in Cynthia Adelle healing abilities.
I was worried about my Boyfriend's mother and future in-Law. Due to the latest surgery she had on the 4th,
brain tumor removed. Due to reasons beyond the doctors control Linda went in to a coma. The situation perplexed
the doctors admitting she should be conscious. I was at the end of my rope. My mother suggested calling Adelle,
referring to her as a miracle worker. I told Adelle the situation.

Cynthia Adelle explained a process she could communicate with Linda and might be able to get her out of the
mysterious coma.  Cynthia Adelle did the treatment the night of my calling  her.  I received an email from
Cynthia Adelle telling me the time she did the work. The next day my boyfriend received a call that Linda
was awakened at that time. I am sure God caused her to wake up.
Thank you so much
K. Smith
Portland, Oregon
ps: I am not the source, Smith Wigglesworth hit people and woke them up from death.
Did he bring them back?  No but God needs our involvement to help.  We have to step up and do our
part.  I do not take credit for any of this.  God the Father, Jesus and the beloved Holy Spirit
deserve all the Glory.  I am just fortunate to be the witness and helper.
Cynthia Adelle
I just want to say what you did it is so clear about your gift to be heard by God.
The more time goes by I realize what God did.
Thank you so much for your help with Linda.
Thanks again
K. Smith
Pat's story:
Pat Peterson and Trey    communications after our treatment of Pat for Trey his son.
The background on what occurred at Pat's session.
Trey was not present, spirit came upon me and put me on the floor in the
other language.  Pat received the energy as did Trey ( who was not present) who has been
terribly depressed and morose.  Nothing seemed to be pulling him out of his low place.
Below is Pat's comments about his son.  Holy Spirit gave me the  message about Trey, Pat
had not mentioned his problems.  As soon as the message came in Pat recognized that this
was going to bring Trey out of his dark place as did I.  The strong connection between father
and son and Spirit knowing what is needed allows for such spiritual healings at distance occur.

April 14, 2005
Cynthia Adelle,
   Trey was in the present all day. When we encountered each other he was present with me and able to
share energy. He also was happier and seemed to generate the energy of hope. We laughed together
and he was definitely more connected to the outside world. He went to Houston to go to the Zoo today.
Today, he is a citizen of the planet.   Have a great day and know you're loved. pat
Robert F. artist

Robert is an alcoholic and artist whose wife had just left him.  Depressed and walking because of car trouble.  
He was on a side walk when he was hit by a 16 year old who lost control of her car.  He was pinned against a
brick wall breaking his legs and pelvis.  His sister came to me (Evergreen Colorado) and asked me to help him.  
I worked on him for an hour rested and repeated the process for several hours.  He later reported the following:

I was lying in bed and the nurse came in whom I had not seen. It was the next day after the surgery.  She
looked at my staples and said "My this is coming along nicely these will be able to be removed in the next day
or so.  I said what?  The Doctor told me it was going to be at least ten days since I am in such poor health.  
She looked puzzled, and looked at the chart.  Startled to realize I had at least ten days of accellerated healing.  
It dawned on me my sister had told me she had contacted Cynthia Adelle to do long distance work on me.  

I WAS SO THRILLED, the pain was really not there too.  I knew that I knew that this long distance healing thing

As soon as I could I went to Colorado to see my sister and especially Cynthia  Adelle.  I wanted to give her a gift.  
She did this for me free and it was the least I could do.  Plus I just had to meet this woman everyone was raving

She helped me so much.  I was so depressed thinking I am going to be in this hospital ten days and where was
I going to get the money.  Instead I was out in two.  Broken pelvis and legs?!! I got a healing!  Thanks
is never enough when you receive a miracle from God.  It just makes you realize that there is something out there
bigger than us.  I needed to know that, since I was in a pretty dark hole.  Love comes from this woman.  
The love of God.
R. F.

Nutritional Consultation  09/08
Hi Adelle,
Thank you for the tea mix suggestion. It's working like a charm. I received the remainder of the herbs yesterday. I am feeling much better and attribute much of it to the teas you suggested. Thank you for your help!! You're a sweet heart.

Bi-Location story

In a message dated 10/14/2007 7:51:34 P.M. Central Daylight Time, lisaXXXXXXX@XXXXXXX.com writes:
Excerpt from an email shared with friend and client:

I wrote:
This is based on the ministry of John G Lake
he is one of two (padre pio being the other) whom
made me realize I could bi locate and it worked.

Lisa writes back:
Where is John G Lake? Is he in Houston?
What is bi-locate??

John G. Lake is dead. Here is a brief bio. Bi locate means being in two places at once.
John did it unconsciously. He felt compelled to pray for a women he knew in his church
He said he suddenly found himself in her house and praying with her. She mentioned
it to him later and said thank you how did you know I needed you? Well his was not
done with intent to "go"...

Now in Padre Pio's case, he did so deliberately and was known for important occasions
that needed him in two places he would do this.

Now, myself. I was contacted by a women whom had heard of me through another.
She said her only son was in the hospital at Methodist and would I come and lay hands
He was a trucking company owner. In his 50's...nice quiet but troubled emotionally, a
responsible man worried and sad about life; his mother I suspect had some things to
do with it. He had crippling arthritis along with advanced emphyzema ; having to have his
 lungs aspirated daily with a needle. He was at the end of his rope in pain.

Two nights before the appointed time of our first meeting, it was 1 am, I found myself in
a very intensely upset place. Deep in my heart upset. This is a penetrating feeling for me.
I knew through the impression by Holy Spirit, that this was this guy ( I did not even know his
name yet) and he was in agony of spirit as much as body.

I did not ask his mother his name, I knew her name only and his room number.

I decided, I have got to go there. Now how much of that was God and him prompting me?
 I  think so... I know that I was so deeply connected to this man and his suffering I was going
to go and do something no matter what.  It was as if you saw a drowning man, you would jump
in immediately and rescue them.

Well, I sat in the rocker chair in the den. I closed my eyes and fixed my mind on the direction
of Methodist hospital from my house. I then started to shudder all over and went into a deep
feeling place of compassion and feeling his suffering. Picking up on it and taking it on...becoming
one with him as it were. I then said I am going to go to him now, then I saw myself at his bedside
I reached down and placed my hand on his as he lay in bed. The room dimly lit by the light
at the door. The light was disturbed by the night nurse whom sensed someone and saw me.
She stuck her head in and I saw her face and she saw mine. She smiled and said, you are not
suppose to be here it is way after hours. Then she looked at him and she knew he was suffering
and looked back at myself and went on.

I stayed and prayed. I could feel his pain and spiritual suffering dim down and he sighed.

I left.

On the appointed day I went to Methodist. His mother met me and then as we walked into
his room together and she said Jessie this is Adelle, he nearly leaped up. For him you have to
know that sitting up like he did would have been impossible or just so painful he would have
had to scream. He said that Is the women who came and prayed with me.

His mother said, Jessie that impossible. You have never met her. This is the healer I told you
about. I recognized him immediately as he did I. Both of us locked eyes. I felt the shudder that
I suppressed and felt that all to well known electrical wave on my form.

When the need and suffering is so great it is unbearable. The signal of distress can be a beacon
for the sensitive whom has to be willing to suffer with them and take it on for a time to bring the
arch of faith to the person who is suffering and to the foot of the throne of God. At his feet
and seeing the person whole. Seeing them as God does. Taking on God's eyes long enough
to pin point your thoughts, intentions, and spirit toward the need. The holy agony of My God
My God why doest thou forsaketh me? Just to know you are not forsaken. You have directed
your attention toward the agony and lost sight of his outstretched hand.

Or, you are so hurt and wounded emotionally by life, the pain of reaching out is greater than
the physical or rather earthly suffering. This is what needs to be explored and what I did when
I was dying. That suffering drove me toward connecting instead of dropping my hand in despair.
I intensely stretched out...so much so I could have torn something if it had been in the physical.
It is a very literal thing to stretch like that in spirit.

None the less, and the point of this....Compassion and focus of intent will create a spiritual
super highway that you are free traverse at will. Your physical boundaries are but illusions.

As soon as you have no fear but to reach out. The illusion falls away and you are left with
what you expect. That is the clincher. Expectation is the fulcrum that is so many times
left unattended. In Hebrews 11(see below the full scriptural passages)
Faith is expectation expressed to the Holy One. Faith is what you are deemed acceptable.
By faith alone can you have, or be or do in the Spirit.

You are that spiritual being having a spiritual experience. So by the spirit will you find
and obtain your peace. Once there, holding onto it is the challenge.

I pray that you find the patience and the spirit to continue. So renew your mind moment
by moment. Talk to God, then meditate and LISTEN> No one sits quietly long enough
to hear his whisper. He is not a loud talker. Besides you have to choose, he will not
violate your free will.

Here is another excerpt from a blog that reminded me of you....not all of it...but the part
where he tells her what Jesus wants to do for her and how she needs to look at him.
I know we do not do it consciously but I think very deep in our subconscious we are
operating out of these old wounds. They preclude our connection in the present.
I think of you often.
Cynthia Adelle

Chapter 11:1-13
Now FAITH is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things hoped for, being the proof of things we do not see and the conviction of their reality (faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses).

If there was ever a man who walked in the revelation of "God in man," it was John G. Lake. A man of purpose, vision, strength and character, his one goal in life was to bring the fullness of God to every person. He often said that the secret of heaven's power was not in the doing, but in the being. He believed that Spirit-filled Christians should enjoy the same type of ministry Jesus did while living on earth, and that this reality could only be accomplished by seeing themselves as God saw them. John G. Lake lived his life and fulfilled his ministry in the earth with this type of spiritual understanding. If we would just grasp the reality of our position through Jesus Christ, as Lake did, every nation would ring with the praises of God.
was responsible for raising over 1,000,000 converts, 625 churches and 1,250 preachers in five years of ministry.

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