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Herbs for Toothache pain
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Herbal Remedies for Toothache Pain

These remedies are not a substitue for dentistry.  This is to help you until you can get to
the dentist.  

I know of some whom have reversed pockets of decay, but I do not advocate ignoring an
issue as it can lead to more serious health problems.  Such as heart problems.  Infection
can get into the blood stream and impact the heart.

Now that cautions have been addressed here is some great ways to midigate tooth pain.
I recently had a toothache in a back lower moler.  I tend to clench my teeth when sleeping
due to high stress.  Yes, we all experience it, doctors, health care providers and we all have
to deal with the effects of stress.

I got some powdered clove out of the kitchen cabinet and heated a cup of water until it
was hot and poured in the powdered clove.  Dark and full bodied amount in to a small
amount of water.  Enough to soak some "cotton" balls and place them inside the cheek
and inside the lower jaw (you place it where the pain is for you) where the tooth that was
problematic was located.  Within a few moments of placing the cotton soaked with clove
on the area the pain stopped.  The pain was a level 7 as far as I was concerned.  Enough
pain to make me feel the need to do something.  In fact I am typing this as a result of my
remedy.  It works.

What else is clove good for? Clove is highly antifungal in nature, as well as antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory.
Using clove for fungus on toe nails etc it a great use for this remedy.  Soar throat, clove tea.
Take the pure herb tincture and add it to hot water.  Sip away.

Here are other herbs that can help with tooth pain

Tooth pain is caused by bacterial inflammation.  So echinacea is your next choice.
Dry herb capsules you will have to put into hot water to release the essence.
If a tincture which is preferable soak the cotton as I did above with the clove.
Great way to contend with the infection and pain.

Echinacea PROPERTIES AND USES: Circulatory cleanser, antidote for poisons, repairing, abscesses, boils and skin condition.

COMMON NAMES: Wild Niggerhead, Purple Coneflower, Black Samson, Kansas Niggerhead.
PARTS USED: Dried rhizome (under ground stem) roots.

BODILY INFLUENCES: The function of Echinacea is in the ability to expel morbid material, hence circulation is improved. It has long been held that the average person has 10 to 20 pounds or morbid material in the blood system and alimentary canal which is chronic and not eliminated. It is a perfect breeding ground for disease and malfunction, hence, the extraordinary, valuable role of Echinacea is highly desirable. Auto-infection, where the body is infectious to itself due to stale wastes is eliminated by Echinacea. As this occurs, help in the following areas are observed: strengthen the immune system, syphilis, gonorrhea, gangrene, tired feeling, resolving of pus pockets and pimples, elimination of piles, correction of lymphatic inflammation, snake bites, stinging creatures, bad breath, toxic tonsils, prostate problems, sexual impotence, and foul discharges. It should be noted that Echinacea produces temporary skin disturbances in cases of weak kidneys, lymphatic engorgement, poor lung and bowel elimination. The body simply kicks waste out through the skin. This may alarm some people as they think the Echinacea has made them sick. Persistence in its use will soon clear up this temporary corrective disturbance. Care should be taken to assist Echinacea by increased bowel elimination with a laxative as needed. Dry brushing of the skin with a brush, made of vegetable fiber, non-synthetic clothing and gentle sunbathing will greatly diminish skin irritation. Deep, old, bluish chronic conditions respond to Echinacea. External dryness and bluishness due to internal dehydration and oxygen starvation are a specialty of Echinacea. This may be applied externally with gauze or cotton and covered by plastic and held in place with a cloth wrap. Vitamin E oil from 100 i.u. capsule(s) should be applied before the gauze to prevent irritation to very sensitive skin.

DOSAGE: 5 to 40 drops one or two times per day internally. Start with 5 drops and increase if necessary. Be sure to use a bowel cleaner such as C.C.E.-W (see Cleansing Corrective Extract) to keep the debris flowing and prevent "sick feeling", while Echinacea does its job.

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