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Preparing for your Babies Arrival Check List

If you are expecting a new baby you have probably already been preparing for your little one for quite some time. Packing for the hospital and preparing your home for the new baby are the most important things you can do to make
your transition from the hospital back home smoother. Here are some preparation tips that I found the most helpful before the birth of my daughter.

Pack for the Hospital

Use the checklist below as a guide when you pack your bags for your hospital stay. A checklist will ensure that you do not forget to bring something important to the hospital. Before you pack, check with the hospital to see what is provided to you to avoid over packing.

For Mommy:

( ) Socks

( ) Pajamas (a gown should be provided to you in the hospital but your own pajamas will make you feel more at home and comfortable)

( ) Maternity clothes to go home in (your tummy doesn't magically disappear after delivery-maternity clothes will be the most comfortable to travel home in)

( ) Books/magazines

( ) Contacts/Glasses

( ) Contact case/cleaning solution

( ) Toothbrush/toothpaste

( ) Shampoo/conditioner

( ) Hair brush and styling products

( ) Make up (for those after delivery visitors)

( ) Labor supplies (massage items, aromatherapy candles-whatever you plan on using to make your delivery easier)

( ) Purse/wallet

( ) Sanitary pads

( ) Birthing Plan

( ) Any hospital paperwork required for check in

( ) Other_______________________________________________

For Daddy:

( ) Games

( ) Books/Magazines

( ) Camera/Camcorder

( ) Change of clothes

( ) Pajamas

( ) Cell phone (or change for pay phones)

( ) Wallet

( ) Other_______________________________________________

For Baby:

Typically the hospital will provide you with diapers, wipes, clothes for the new baby. However, it is always a good idea to be  over prepared rather than under prepared. Here are some suggestions:

( ) Coming home outfit

( ) Diapers (usually newborns will comfortably fit into preemie diapers for the first week or two after birth)

( ) Wipes

( ) Blankets (thickness should depend on the weather)

( ) Hand sanitizer (for visitors)

Also, be sure to have the baby's car seat secured in your vehicle. The hospital will not release you and your baby unless you have a car seat properly installed.

Prepare Meals in Advance

The best advice I received prior to having my daughter was to make sure that I had plenty of easy meals ready to go once we brought her home from the hospital. The easiest way to stock up on ready to serve meals is to over cook
 when preparing dinner before the baby is born and then freeze the leftovers.

If you can find the time, spend a whole day cooking meals to freeze. If you would like recipes that you can use, check out The Craft Cafe recipes at and click on Main Courses. You will find
recipes for lasagna, meatballs, soup and more.

Clean/Prep Nursery

To ensure that your baby has a clean and healthy environment. Take a weekend to thoroughly clean your house. Be sure to dust furniture, sanitize toys, clean the bathroom, vacuum, organize and perform any other cleaning that you will not have time to do once the baby arrives.

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