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Artic Thaw Polar Bear Rescue

Up Level

 Dear Concerned Citizen of the Planet

As the Arctic continues to melt, time is running out for polar bears, who could lose 100 percent of their habitat in our lifetime.

Make no mistake: We can still come to their rescue, but we've got to mobilize at least 500,000 Americans over the next 30 days, while the Bush Administration is taking public comments on a plan for polar bear protection.

With your help, that's exactly what we're going to do!

NRDC has produced a gripping TV ad that will sound the alarm about the plight of polar bears -- and let caring Americans speak out with one powerful and effective voice on their behalf.

The ad is ready. But we need to raise $300,000 this week to run the ad for a full 7 days in all 50 states -- and generate overwhelming pressure on the Bush Administration.

You can make it happen. If just 12,000 of our supporters donate $25 each, we will be on the air next week -- all week -- for the sake of polar bear survival!

Click here to view the TV ad and make your donation.

Millions of Americans who care about wildlife do not yet realize that polar bear populations are already suffering the effects of global warming and melting ice: birth rates are falling...fewer cubs are surviving...more bears are drowning.

They don't know that virtually all of the polar bear's summer sea ice could be gone by 2040. They don't know that a human child born 33 years from now could enter a world without polar bears!

But with your help, millions of Americans will know...starting next week.

Our TV ad will make it easy for them to get online and send an Official Citizen Comment to the Bush Administration, demanding that polar bears be protected under the Endangered Species Act.

The result? A national blizzard of Citizen Comments that will greatly increase the odds of polar bears finally winning the protection they need and deserve.

We've only got 30 days to answer the Polar Bear's S.O.S. and save this magnificent species from extinction.

Please make an online contribution that will wake up and rally America before it's too late. Thank you.

Read what BioGems is doing and has done.  
This is a great organization that get's the things done.  Not just rhetoric and fluff.
They are a major lobbying group that has a pulse and insight to keep our
heritage and lands protected and managed by conservation minded
and not exploitive people.

Click Here


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

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