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Preserve Navajo Four Corners
Please speak out now against plans for a dirty, coal-fired power
plant in New Mexico that would release mercury and other toxic
contaminants into the environment, pollute waterways and
threaten human health.

right away and tell the Bush administration to reject the
proposed Desert Rock power plant.

A global energy company and the Dine Power Authority want to
build the plant on the eastern edge of the Navajo Nation in
northwestern New Mexico.

The Four Corners region is already home to two of the most
polluting power plants in the country. If we don't act now, this
area could soon be besieged by a new wave of environmental

In addition to mercury, the proposed Desert Rock plant would
increase emissions of soot and soot-forming pollutants, which
can cause asthma attacks, heart disease and other health

Furthermore, the Navajo Nation would receive less than five
percent of the projected electricity output from Desert Rock,
even though many Navajo people still have no electricity in
their homes. Most of the power would likely be exported to Las
Vegas and Phoenix.

Last month, NRDC Members and online activists turned out at
public hearings in Albuquerque and Santa Fe to oppose the Desert
Rock plant, which would significantly increase global warming
pollution in New Mexico at a time when states should be working
to curb these dangerous emissions.

Please add your voice to this outcry. Go to
right away and tell the Bush administration to reject the
proposed Desert Rock power plant and instead develop new
initiatives that focus on energy efficiency and clean, renewable
energy solutions.

Thank you for helping to protect the environment of New Mexico
and the Four Corners region.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

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