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Ghee (rendered butter) is GOOD FOR YOU

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 Basically, there is no such thing as an immune system, not in the sense of other systems like nervous and circulatory systems. Immunity is based on a rather complex set of structures and functions, starting with good defense mechanisms. These depend in part on the ability to repel. It's easy to understand if you consider the difference between normal skin and broken skin.  If you spill something on broken skin, it may burn and sting or infect
to a much great extent than healthy skin.  Likewise, other tissues in the body, including red blood cells, are more vulnerable to pH imbalances, bacteria, radiation exposure, etc., etc. if the membrane is weak. For the most part, membranes depend on lipids both for strength and the ability to repel invaders.

For many years, I used to tell patients that they can make a 30-50% improvement in diet simply by using a good quality oil, something rarely found in super markets.  If the body is supplied with a beautiful quality oil, membranes develop proper viscosity, tension, and strength, meaning that red blood cells can resist infection by viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

In live blood microscopy  one has ample opportunity to observe how this works on a slide in which the blood is still active. You will see small objects, bacteria and very tiny parasites attacking the edge of a red blood cell.  Imagine them like woodpeckers trying to make a hole. If the membrane is tough, they give up and look for a cell with a weaker membrane. They may try five or six cells before finding one they can penetrate.  Then, they consume the nutrients the red blood cells were going to deliver to other tissues and the red blood cell becomes inefficient.

When researchers began asking patients exactly what kinds of oils they used for cooking and dietary supplementation. Almost everyone in Europe uses a lot of olive oil, but it was not producing nearly the same quality of membranes as ghee which is regarded in Ayurveda as an immune enhancing food. It is also often used as a carrier for herbs. Ghee is made by clarifying butter, but you can buy it already made in some Asian import stores or markets.  

Ghee is unsalted but keeps for many months without refrigeration. It has less taste than salted butter, but probably a little more flavor than most vegetable oils. It is opaque at room temperature but melts when warm.  It can be used as a spread, mixed with dry butters like tahini or almond butter,
or used for cooking. Research has shown  improvements in membranes after just a few days of use of ghee.

Otherwise, most people agree that sesame and sunflower are higher quality than peanut, soy, and olive oils. Oils must be produced from extremely
high quality sources of organically grown raw materials.  When the oils are pressed, they must not overheat. The bottle should say "cold pressed,"
but this alone is not enough to assure that the oil is really suitable for nutritional purposes.

Some years ago,   on a trip to Europe we watched an old fashion mill grind up some sesame seeds and I burned myself after less than two minutes
of manually turning the stone mill.  This taught  how much energy a few seeds contain and how a good quality oil stimulates metabolism rather than blocks arteries.

People usually get about 15-30% of their calories from oil so I used to say that one could experience a one-third improvement in diet by using a good quality oil, but now I think the benefits are even greater than this, more like 50%.  I have met diet gurus who are fanatics about not consuming any oils, but they are often suffering from diseases they do not regard as significant. For instance, in their eagerness to have firm muscles and trim figures, they fight obesity tooth and nail with high protein diets that do not supply the nutrients to buffer joints or build hormones so they go into deficiency conditions that are, often as not, painful and debilitating.  Sometimes, these conditions result in deterioration of the brain, not to mention sexual drive.

So, I urge people to think of Nature and all the abundant food choices we have and to recognize that we are given oils late in the season to help us through winter and we get leafy green vegetables in spring and they become more and more bitter as the seasons change to summer and autumn.  This is to help cool our internal fires and oil is to rekindle those fires, something that is very important for people with weak digestion, low constitutional fire, or weakness due to illness and medication.

Onward to immunity.  The next phase of immunity has to do with what is called the milieu in non-Pasteur circles. Milieu is a French word meaning something like intimate environment, not the wilderness but the surroundings that affect you the most, like the terrain inside your body. It's a broader term than pH but it embraces some of the ideas that concern people working with acid-alkaline balances.  One theory of this school is that we do not actually suffer from bacteria and viruses so much as from their by-products, their metabolic wastes, all of which are acidic and therefore potentially irritating.  If we alkalize, we reduce the impact of infection, and this explains why most immune herbs are bitter (alkaloids are bitter.)  Balance is an art-science and fanaticism does not pay off here because the body has to operate within limits or there will be a crisis, possibly death. When researchers have watched live blood and see cells dying prematurely. I am certain this is often because of acidic conditions.

The next part of immune health has to do with the quantity and quality of white blood cells. These are fragile.  They are paralyzed by antibiotics, shattered by radiation, poisoned by mercury and other toxic metals, and dematerialized by mold.  In short, one cannot really have immunity if the white blood cells are wiped out by the presence something inimical to their well being.

Unlike antibiotics, herbal immune formulas rarely attack pathogens; they simply aid the functioning of white blood cells by increasing their production, appetites, or mobility. I think some herbs protect white blood cells so that when they eat pathogenic material, they do not get sick and die.  You can watch this in the microscope and if you do, you will appreciate how complex and wonderful your body is.

Because herbs work differently from antibiotics, they are not necessarily compatible with each other.  I haven't done enough studies to know how different conventional and alternative protocols can be combined. My impression is that, in general, they don't work well together, but there are bound
to be exceptions.  Astragalus is one herb that seems to support white blood cells during such gruesome experiences as chemotherapy. Goji berries are another such herb or herbal food.

I wanted to urge you think about simple things you can do to feel better: ghee or a good quality cooking oil (and perhaps also flax oil supplement, but flax is not to be used in cooking) . . . and maybe an immune tonic.

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