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Pure Herbs - Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar
DAN-C 4 ounce
  4DAN   $40.00

 Depression, Anxiety, Nerves 4-ounce

Practiced Herbalist, Pat Courter, put this blend together.
Evening Primrose: Mental illness and depression, eliminates nerve acids on the cells, restores function of Solar Plexus, restores central nervous system, eliminates long-term nervous tension. Lady’s Slipper: For the exhausted nervous system, calms nervous centers of the brain, relieves migraines, restores calm outlook, feeds the medulla oblongata, provides energy to whole nervous system, reverses mental deterioration. Blue Vervain: Natural tranquilizer, overall feeling of well being, insomnia, increase circulation to the brain, promotes relaxation, corrects emotional torment, and corrects abnormal behavior.

Rice Bran: B-complex (they don’t go crazy vitamins) for strong, steady, sustained nerves; clears head for memory and thinking, provides harmonious personality and relief from aggravation.

St. John’s Wort: Clinical depression type problems, anxiety attacks, burning nerves, heavy feeling in the head, throbbing on top of head, concussions of the brain, disturbed sleep, suppressed urine or pus.

Horsetail: Nervous conditions and convulsions, acts as an anti-depressant, strengthens and soothes body tissues, high in calcium and silica; toxins from kidney are released.

Feverfew: Anxiety, relief for nerves, relieves pressure on the brain, alcoholic delirium and loquacity, shaking disorders of nervous system, tension from over-excitement.

Indian Tobacco: For muscular cramping and pain; strong anti-spasmodic; acts on nerve and respiratory centers, improving oxygenation of the blood; powerful and efficient relaxant; restorative to the nerve force; a wonderful catalyst, considered to be a “thinking” herb; power to coordinate, direct and assist herbs.

Wormseed: Restores motor and sensory nerves, conquers condition of aphasia.

Cudweed: Organic lithium source; bi-polar type depression; relief for the nerves; relieves pressure on the brain; alcoholic delirium and loquacity; shaking disorders of nervous system; tension from over-excitement; in an emergency, it clears the mind.

Universal E.R.: Relieves tormenting emotional stress, counteracts attacks of nervousness, calms fears; in accidents, relieves shock.

Ingredients: Evening Primrose, Lady's Slipper, Blue Vervain, Rice Bran, Cudweed, St. Johnswort, Horsetail, Feverfew, Indian Tobacco, Wormseed, Universal E.R.

Historical Uses: (Depression-Anxiety-Nervousness) Bi-polar and clinical type depression; mental illness type problems; reverses mental deterioration; promotes relaxation; harmonious personality. Used for muscular cramping and pain. Restores motor & sensory nerves; calms fears.

Suggested Usage: 40 to 80 drops three times per day (more if needed). Children's protocol: One drop per pound divided into three equal dosages.

Testimonial May 27, 2004: “I suffer with a condition called Poly Cystic Ovarian disease and was told by many doctors that I would never have children, but after four years of marriage my husband and I were surprised in February 2003 to find out I was pregnant. We were happy and scared at the same time, since I had a miscarriage the year before. I knew one thing for sure and that was that I was to go the herbal route. During my third month my medical doctors became concerned when they gave me a blood test called Alpha Protein Test which came back abnormal. The medical doctors feared that the baby would suffer with Down’s Syndrome or Spina Bifida. My blood pressure was high which was causing poor blood flow to the baby which caused the baby’s growth to be effected.

I have known Dr. Watkins for over ten years and decided to call him for his suggestions. For the Down’s Syndrome he suggested I take 40-80 drops 3x/day of ACS. For the Spina Bifida he suggested using Knitbone, which is a natural folic acid and also to drink a pint of Green Drink daily. Also, I was to apply Mugwort and Wormseed on my abdomen. I needed protein so I began eating almond butter along with whole grain crackers, fish, chicken and turkey. I stayed away from refined sugar, artificial sweetener and white flour.

After feeling things were going alright, I went to see my medical doctor and he discovered a fibroid tumor that was growing right along with the baby. I put another call in to Dr. Watkins and he suggested Crampbark and False Unicorn Root along with Dulse. These herbs worked wonders. In one month the fibroid tumor had dissolved. The medical doctors were amazed, but I knew that if I had not been on the herbs I would not have gotten this far. I decided to go off of the pre-natal vitamins and went totally on the Pure Herbs pre-natal program.

This was what I took: PNW, Protein Extract, Vitamins A&D (capsules), Vitamin E capsules, Red Raspberry Leaf, Yellow Dock (for iron), although I changed from Yellow Dock to Flora Dex because it has about 14 vegetables in it (I got this from the health food store). I was already taking ACS and Green Drink. I ate a cup of yogurt daily for extra Vitamin B. In the last ten days of my pregnancy I took Blue Cohosh extract internally and externally I rubbed Arnica and Indian Tobacco all over my abdomen to prevent shock and complication.

I also rubbed Herbal Adjustment on my ankles, feet and toes to keep down the bleeding. Unfortunately, I ended up with a C-section, but my baby was healthy and strong. Marja Soleil Quaqua was born October 24, 2003. She was 4 lbs, 7 oz, but the medical doctors said she was strong and that her lungs had developed and there were no signs of any disabilities. My daughter is now seven months, happy, healthy and crawling. Thank you Dr. Watkins and the staff at Pure Herbs, Ltd. One more thing, after having the baby, I suffered from post-partum depression so I used the combination DAN-C. It helped me in about a week. I still take it to keep calmness in my life. Thank you! Thank you!” Farrah Miller Quaqua 864-963-1855

Powerful combination is Dulse and Bitter Orange and D.A.N. for thyroid

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