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Wallet size guide for buying organic and non organic foods
Save your cash on these "green" grocery items:

"Organic" seafood. Talk about a fish tale, says Stewart. Although you'll see the term "organic" slapped on fish at supermarkets and restaurants, there's actually no such thing. "There is no USDA certification for seafood," she says. "There are too many variables you can't control, like water quality." (Other products that earn the government's organic certification are grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, hormones and other chemicals or pollutants, and processed without radiation or additives.) Even farmed fish, like salmon, may require wild food sources --another disqualifier because that feed may have been exposed to pesticides and other pollutants.

Low-pesticide produce. Not all fruits and vegetables are laden with pesticides. Some, like broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower and onions, naturally repel pests. "They just don't need a lot of pesticides," says Stewart. Others, like oranges, avocados, bananas and pineapples, have thick inedible peels that provide a nice barrier and significantly reduce consumer exposure to harmful chemicals.
(I personally still find "any" pesticide unacceptable, but cost and availability is a factor.  One should
consider detoxification herbal remedies twice a year minimum depending on your diet and purchasing habits.  The other pollutant one must be aware of is parasites.  They lay eggs on foods and we ingest them.  These will hatch in the body and cause harm, not all but a significant amount, even in our meats which will have larvae in the tissue and organ meats.  Not all will harm you will simply digest them but read the information and be informed.  The link above gives you an overview.)

Hormone-free poultry, pork and eggs. Don't pay extra for chicken just because it has a "hormone-free" sticker on the package. The Food and Drug Administration already requires these foods to be hormone free, citing concerns that the animals may not metabolize synthetic hormones quickly, leading to unsafe levels in the edible tissue, says Stewart. (Pork and poultry products typically use antibiotics to spur animal growth, she says. If you're concerned about chemicals making it into your packaged pork and poultry, look for antibiotic-free food instead.)