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Whole Apricot - Pure Herbs

4APR 4 ounce $45.00

Whole Apricot from Pure Herbs 1-ounce

WHOLE APRICOT - Dr. Ernest J. Krebs, a noted authority on cancer, has often stated that if a person eats 6-12 apricots kernels per day, they will never have to worry about cancer. He recommends peach or cherry kernels, as well. Contained within these kernels is a very small amount of a substance called nitriloside amygdalin (laetrile, vitamin B-17). It goes directly to a cancer cell, stings it, and kills it. This is especially true of glandular cancers, such as the prostate and other glands. The same is true for moles on the skin and internal tumors. For moles, take Whole Apricot internally and also apply Whole Apricot and Oil of Cajeput, 3 times per day, to the area until corrected. There is no fear necessary for this extremely small amount of cyanide; remember Vitamin B-12 is also a cyanide compound and is absolutely essential to life or a person develops a deadly disease known as pernicious anemia. Head lettuce, as a further example, contains a very small amount of opium. Although it is not recommended, head lettuce does not cause a person to go unconscious or stupefied, and head lettuce is still eaten. Once you taste apricot kernels, you can recognize an accentuated almond taste. That is the part that kills the cancer cells. It is also present in almonds, but to a much lesser extent. You may find your body is hungry for this taste and the truly wonderful effect it has. The safe rule is not to eat any more apricot kernels than you would of the apricot fruit during a day.

DOSE: 10-20 drops per day, as a daily maintenance. 40 drops to 1 Tbl. 3 times per day, if cancer in the body. Keep the bowels open to expel the dead, nauseating cells and poisons with a good bowel program which produces 2, and preferably 3, bowel movements per day. (SEE: Cascara Sagrada, C.C.E.-W. or Buckthorn) If necessary to quickly relieve the nausea of this regimen, take, as needed, 10 to 40 drops of a poison antidote such as Black Cohosh or Virginia Snake Root. Additionally, an enema can be taken. Usually, within 10 minutes of taking the enema you will feel better. If necessary, repeat the enema.

August 13, 2004 "My name is Irene Bottelo. My father is 81 years old and was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His PSA was 4.8. After six months of being on the following herbal supplements: Red Clover Blended, Sanicle, White Pond Lily, Whole Apricot, Una De Gato, Sutherlandia, Barleylife and Herbal Fiber Blend, his PSA is now 0.8 and his medical doctors can't believe it! My father also takes DB.8-W, Five Good, Three Bees and KID-W for his diabetes, which is now under control. We are happy to be able to buy the best herbs on the market from Pure Herbs, Ltd. Thank you very much for helping people to stay healthy and avoid surgery in many cases." --Irene Bottelo, McAllen, TX 956-631-7210

Sept. 21, 2004 "I have an autoimmune deficiency, which means that I have lots of infections, mainly sinus and respiratory. No matter what I took, they would always come back and I would be miserable. I decided to try Stone Root to see if it would at least alleviate some of the symptoms. To my surprise and excitement the infections stopped completely! My adopted sister is handicapped and tube fed and she also has constant sinus infections. We decided to try the Stone Root on her and her infections have lessened considerably. The herb is put in her feeding tube with water after her meal. I was also taking Whole Apricot for fibroid cysts on the ovaries. Not only did the cyst shrink, to my delight I discovered that my vision had improved while taking Whole Apricot. I wasn't sure if it was a coincidence and I stopped the herb when my Doctor said my cysts were nothing to worry about anymore. After being off the Whole Apricot for awhile I had to return to wearing my reading glasses to read the paper, needless to say I started taking the Whole Apricot again. Well, it sure was NOT a coincidence, because by the time my bottle was half gone, my vision had improved to where I only need to wear my glasses for very small print! I love the Pure Herbs and I tell everyone about them. The B.P.-W formula is also wonderful for blood purification. I use it about once every four months to keep my immune system up and it has kept me feeling better than I have in years! Thanks, Pure Herbs for giving us such wonderful products." --Cyndi McGee, Great

April 13, 2006 "About three years ago my wife was diagnosed with medulla carcinoma which is a rare form of thyroid cancer. I searched all over the USA trying to find help medically. There was no hope given, so we continued down the only path clear to us and she began having surgeries to cut out the cancer. Track it and cut it out was the only thing we could do. After three surgeries at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN we were given a God send. We heard of an Amish man named Solomon Wickey and were told to go see him. Solomon, an Iridologist and Master Herbalist put my wife on a nine week herbal regimen and a four month special diet. He said there should be improvement within about four months. Within four months she was cancer free! Thanks to Red Clover Blended, Whole Apricot, Parsley, Lapacho, food enzymes and her diet of God given foods. I can't say enough good about herbs and those who help others and understand the healing qualities of herbs. I am now a student of herbs and am helping as many people as I can to understand there is hope and healing in the herbal way."
 --Darwin Covington, Walker, IA (319)721-3485

August 1, 2006: ďI want to tell you the success I had using Oil of Cajeput (4CAJ) and Whole Apricot (4APR) topically twice a day on a dark mole on my neck. I used a Q-tip to apply them. I also took Whole Apricot internally at the same time and within three weeks the mole fell off in the shower revealing new pink skin. Now you canít even tell where it was! I had asked my dermatologist about removing it last year, but Iím glad now that she didnít want to. Canít wait to show her the results! Thanks Pure Herbs!Ē Ė C.G., Honesdale, PA

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