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Lapacho - Pure Herbs
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4 ounce $45.00

Pau d' Arco Powder
(raw, wildcrafted,

Amazonian Pau d'Arco is the
only tree in the rainforest that
doesn't have fungus growing
on it. It is an incredible herb
with many beneficial qualities.
It has great cleansing and anti-f
ungal properties.

Pau d'Arco has been used by
shaman in Brazil for at least a
 thousand years. Its use
gradually spread to other parts
of South America and beyond.
Kallawaya tribal healers of
Bolivia and Brazil call this bark
 tea "tajibo." In Peru a tea made
from the inner bark, known as
"tarota," is used by tribal healers
of the Asháninka, Campas and
Inca tribes. Pau d'Arco tea is also
used traditionally by the Huastec
Mayan people of Mexico. Recent
pharmacologic studies have
uncovered the anti-tumor agent
lapachol, as well as the anti-
candidas agent xylidione, and the
consistent effects of both have
gathered the interest of the global
pharmacological community.
Claims that the tea contains a
large proportion of oxygen in
solution have peaked the interest
of the oxygen-therapy movement,
and it is being considered for
 anti-AIDS/HIV testing.

The normal preparation is a
small amount of scraped bark
prepared as a tea. The taste is
reported to be heady and
pleasant. This powder can be
used directly in your healing
creations like smoothies,
juices, teas, salads and

This Pau d'Arco is ethically
 harvested without killing the
tree. The sale of this product
helps protect the rainforest
from being cut down for
cattle farming and supports
indigineous peoples.


PROPERTIES AND USES: Cancer and cancer preventative (in South America).

COMMON NAMES: Lapacho, Pau d'arco, Taheebo, Ipe roxo, Tecoma.

BODILY INFLUENCES: Experienced herbalists consider that both the Tabebuia altisima (purple flowered) and Tabebuia avellanedae (red flowered) varieties should be mixed together for the best possible effects. South American medical doctors proclaim nothing short of miracles for quick relief of pain for cancers of all types as well as their cure within one month in many cases. Once again, South American Indians made known a tree, which they have used for thousands of years to cure their people. The first was the Cinchona tree bark, which yields quinine and cures malaria. Lapacho, taken as a boiled tea three times per day, is reported to be their method. (One heaping teaspoonful of the bark will make one cup of the tea.)
The extract is possibly many times stronger if made properly. The chemistry of Lapacho is quite well known to the scientific world. Dr. Frederick Koch, M.D., used substances from the tree bark called quinines during the 1930's in Detroit, Michigan, with astonishing results to cure even advanced cancer cases before he went to South American to continue his practice. He especially used a single quinone, which he described as oxidizing or burning up the encapsulated pockets of stagnant cancer-causing points. He reports in this way he was able to provide oxygen for the breath of life to continue for the patient. Lapacho actually has 16 quinones never before discovered together in nature. The jungle Lapacho tree, unlike other trees, is completely immune to fungus infections. It should not be thought that Lapacho's abilities are confined to cancer, according to Alec de Montmorency, expert on exotic folk remedies. He has collected medical information during the last 20 years on the use of Lapacho in various South American countries. He reports the following list of problems that medical doctors using Lapacho have solved: Anemia, leukemia, cancer of all types, lupus, inflammation of the reproductive organs, Hodgkin's disease, Parkinson's disease, colitis, arteriosclerosis, gastric problems, Leukorrhea, cystitis, hemorrhages, prostate inflammation, polyps, psoriasis and eczema.

DOSAGE: South American information indicates 40 to 80 drops of the extract in a cup of water three to four times per day. 20 drops per day as a preventative.

SOURCES: Dr. Frederick Koch, M.D., "malignant Neoplasms;" Alec de Montmorency, M.D., Press Release; Dr. Theodoro Meyer, M.D., University of Tucuman, Argentina; Dr. Octaviano Gaiarsa, M.D., Municipal Hospital of Sao Paulo; Dr. Prats Ruiz, M.D., Concepcion, Chili.

July 26, 2005: "The wife of a friend came down with cancer of the blood and kidney. They were told by the doctors that there was no cure, or treatment for this type of cancer. She had a week to live. The friend told me that his wife could not get out of bed and was bed ridden. She took B.P.-W, Calendula, C.C.E.-W, Chickweed, Chuchuhuasi, Cleavers, DB.8-W, Siberian Ginseng, Greasewood, Hibiscus Flowers, Inkberry, Lapacho, Mayapple, Osha, P.C.-C, Quack Grass, Red Clover, Red Root, Reishi Mushroom, Sheep Sorrel, Spring Violet, Sweet Root, Una De Gato, Vinca, White Pond Lily, Whole Apricot, Yellow Dock and juiced carrots. Within a day she got out of bed and cooked a meal for the whole family. Now her doctors can't understand why she is still alive and functioning better than ever." James Gordon, Finesville, NJ 908 995 7485

April 13, 2006 "About three years ago my wife was diagnosed with medulla carcinoma which is a rare form of thyroid cancer. I searched all over the USA trying to find help medically. There was no hope given, so we continued down the only path clear to us and she began having surgeries to cut out the cancer. Track it and cut it out was the only thing we could do. After three surgeries at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN we were given a God send. We heard of an Amish man named Solomon Wickey and were told to go see him. Solomon, an Iridologist and Master Herbalist put my wife on a nine week herbal regimen and a four month special diet. He said there should be improvement within about four months. Within four months she was cancer free! Thanks to Red Clover Blended, Whole Apricot, Parsley, Lapacho, food enzymes and her diet of God-given foods. I can't say enough good about herbs and those who help others and understand the healing qualities of herbs. I am now a student of herbs and am helping as many people as I can to understand there is hope and healing in the herbal way." --Darwin Covington, Walker, IA (319)721-3485

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