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Skin an Incredible Healing Treatment for wrinkles & scars - Pure Herbs

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The skin is very much more than an outer covering wrapping up your body. It is the body’s largest organ. The skin is a giant organ of elimination, getting rid of the waste-products of many bodily processes through the pores; carried in perspiration. If the other organs of elimination (the kidneys and colon) are not working as efficiently as they should, a variety of skin diseases may occur because the body is trying to push out the toxins through the skin.

Skin Disorders and Wrinkles
A clinical study found that using aloe vera cream three times a day for four weeks “cured” psoriasis inflammation, stopped skin outbreaks for at least a year. Aloe gels applied to the skin relieve the pain
and inflammation of eczema and psoriasis. A potent anti-inflammatory chemical in aloe is as effective
as hydro-cortisone in treating skin irritation, without hydrocortisone’s detrimental effect on the immune system. Aloe, which has antibacterial and moisturizing effects, also has been shown to rejuvenate sun-aged skin.

Microcellular Renewal Formula For Stretch Marks And Wrinkles
• A Natural Alternative To Injectable cosmetic Procedures
• May Reduce The Appearance of Fine Lines
• May Reduce The Length, Depth, and Texture of Existing Stretch Marks
• Results May Be Achieved In Just Weeks
• Assist In Cellular Skin Renewal

About the Skin
Skin is the largest organ in the body, both by weight and surface area. In adults, the weight of your skin accounts for about 16% of your total body weight. Normally the skin separates the internal environment from the external. However, skin diseases and infections can compromise that barrier. Infections and diseases also affect the nails and hair.
The skin serves many purposes:
serves as a barrier to the environment, and some glands (sebaceous) may have weak anti-infective properties.
acts as a channel for communication to the outside world.
protects us from water loss, friction wounds, and impact wounds.
uses specialized pigment cells to protect us from ultraviolet rays of the sun.
produces vitamin D in the epidermal layer, when it is exposed to the sun's rays.
helps regulate body temperature through sweat glands.
helps regulate metabolism.
has esthetic and beauty qualities.

Repair Scar Tissue RST (Remove Scar Tissue)R.S.T.-C
Mrs. Pat Courter from Texas and Lynn Scott developed this product. Mrs. Courter was in a car wreck in 1998. A piece of metal went through her lip to the bone of her chin. She decided to run an experiment on herself. She rubbed RST and Ol' #11 on her scar two to three times per day. She still does not have any scar tissue, but if she goes more than one time (even now) without rubbing it on, her chin starts to ache. Anyone who feels her chin, even her skin doctor, is simply amazed.

In the beginning she used Big 5+2, with extra Arnica and Oil of Cajeput for the pain. At first, she rubbed RST on five times per day (along with the Arnica). Her scarred lip is rarely noticed by anyone. She says it used to be a huge lump and very painful. She plans on rubbing the herbs on until there is no aching or pain.

She says if you are getting too much RST, you will know because the lymph glands will begin discharging extra fluids. Then either take some TLC or LCW to help move things along. She says, don’t stop the RST, just decrease the amount.

Barbara Jernigan from Brownwood, Texas says: "I was introduced to Pure Herbs and its wonderful products by Mrs. Pat Courter from Texas. My son had some problems with scarring the esophagus and Pat suggested R.S.T. (Repair Scar Tissue) and Arnica. While rubbing the herbs on my son, I noticed that my little finger, which I had smashed in a gate while working calves back in the spring of '98 was not stiff and sore anymore! All this happened within two weeks of starting our program. How about that! Two birds with one stone!"

Scar tissue can form in areas of low oxygenation, and in areas that have been traumatized. It has been said that scar tissue can form within 48 hours after injury. For the best results: Take RST-C internally and apply externally along with Arnica or Arnica Oil Blend on the area of skin near or on the affected organs, muscles, nerves, ligaments, bones or vertebrae.

R.S.T.-C is a
COMBINATION: All Cells Salts, Chickweed, Ho Shou Wo, Skunk Cabbage and Oriental Mustard Seed.

DOSAGE: Internally, begin with 10 to 20 drops two to three times a day and gradually build up to 40 to 80 drops two to three times per day. Externally, use enough to cover the area.

CAUTION: Do not exceed 80 drops three times a day of RST-C. The lymph glands carry most of the debris away and we do not want this cleansing action to occur so quickly that discomfort might result.

To order:  write Skin Pure Herbs order in the subject line

These herbs come in 1 ounce and 4 ounce
This is indicated as 1SKU or 4SKU code
4 ounces is the most cost effective
you essentially get 1 ounce free

Some do not have acronyms

1-oz  $13.50
4-oz  $40.50  

1 oz  $10.25    
4 oz. $30.75

Arnica Oil Blend (peanut)
1 oz  $13.50    
4 oz. $40.50

1 oz $14.00
4 oz  $42.00

1LCW (lymphatic cleanse)

Big Five
1 oz. $13.50   
4  oz. $40.50

Big Five Plus Two
1 oz. $19.50   
4  oz. $58.00

Ol' #11
1 oz. $13.50   
4  oz. $40.50

As a Set
1 ounce $97.75
4 ounce $292.75


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