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Retention Enema Antibiotic - Garlic Water Injections
(Retention Enema) "Antibiotic Cleaner"
This preparation is used for a wide variety of conditions. It is especially helpful where the person is incapacitated, unconscious, cannot keep anything down or will not drink what they need. In any case where a food antibiotic is needed as with the flu, fevers, diarrhea or to break up congestion anywhere in the body such as the heart area, sinuses, abdomen, blood stream or the entire body, a garlic injection can be prepared and used. Garlic penetrates, cleans and also kills "germs" (microorganisms) of many types. Then circulation rushes back into the area and repair can occur.
The use of garlic to restore health and to maintain it is not new. Garlic was used in Egyptian times. The practice of blending it to increase its activity with the modern highspeed blender is of course new. To one pint of water (distilled) add a peeled "button" (the natural pieces which garlic breaks into) and blend. After blending, filter the garlic water through a paper coffee filter or cheesecloth. Add 80 drops of liquid A.C.S. (All Cells Salts mineral formula) to restore mineral complexes (electrolytes) necessary for the nervous system of the body to do its job. Then add 1 tbsp. of honey to the liquid to restore normal blood sugar and prevent fainting. This is especially important in diarrhea or after operations or the shock of an accident. Put the liquid garlic water with minerals and honey into a baby enema syringe (obtain from a hospital supply store or drug store), insert into the rectum for as long as possible. Room temperature water is usually the best as it can be retained longer. Cold water causes contraction and hot water relaxation. Use daily until well. In times of crisis repeat hourly until the crisis is past.
The right kind of garlic to make this work is real garlic, that is the kind that is easily recognizable by its aroma. Garlic (scentless) without its characteristic garlic aroma is just another onion.

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