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Uses of apple cider vinegar.
Use cider vinegar and honey treatment for arthritis and also applied cider vinegar to extremely painful joints.   This entails drinking a glass of water with 2 tsp. of cider vinegar and 2 tsp. of honey three times a day.   local treatment can also give relieve by soaking the arthritic hand or foot in a strong comfortably hot solution a cider vinegar for 10 minutes two or three times a day.   a quarter of a cup of cider vinegar to one-and-a-half cups of water arthritic knees  Can be attended to by making a poultice soak the cloth in a mixture of cider vinegar and water as per above mixture wearing out and wrap it around the joint then secure with a dry cloth to retain heat.  When a wet cloth schools, it should be run out in the hot solution and applied for a fresh.   repeat several times twice daily.  


1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar added to a glass of water should be taken in sips for half an hour.   After a further half an hour has elapsed the treatment should be repeated.   the wheezing should lessen any tensity quite considerably.   however,  should wheezing still persist a second glass of the same mixture should be taken.   Deep and breathing exercises are also a beneficial treatment.   

Blood loss:

It has been discussed how one cider vinegar helps in preventing blood losses.   In any circumstances where the flow of blood is too free and is too persistent,  such as when a person has a nose bleed without any apparent reason,  then 2 tsp. of cider vinegar in a glass of water three times a day will aid in restoring the natural clotting properties of the blood.  


The cider vinegar and honey treatment has been used effectively for colitis.   Take the normal dosage of 2 tsp. cider vinegar and honey with water three times a day,  an enema of a teaspoon or more of molasses is also very helpful.  


The same mixture is good for coughs.  


Take the usual dosage of cider vinegar and honey in a glass full of water three times a day with meals.  
An application of well diluted cider vinegar can also be applied to the skin several times daily.  
1 tsp. to have a cup of water.    There is usually a potassium deficiency and those people suffering from eczema.

Hair loss:

The falling out of hair is primarily due to a tissue cell deficiency,  the cider vinegar with its wonder products will reestablish a natural balance and supply the deficiencies were needed.   Therefore by taking the cider vinegar treatments the hair will maintain its natural growth.   It will cease to fall out and grow more rapidly and thickly.   This will take approximately two months,  so perseverance is needed.   The best dosage is one teaspoonful of cider vinegar to a glass of water to be taken  between meals.   Cider vinegar can also be used to externally for the treatment of dandruff.  

Loss of sleep:

Chronic fatigue and other autoimmune diseases are a warning sign the body the to attention.   To remedy a poor quality sleep honey is highly recommended and acts as a sedative to the body.   20 minutes after the honey has been taken into the mouth and has been digested and absorbed into the body.   This is because it is a predigested sugar which has been digestive the stomach of a honeybee. Keep the following mixture by your bedside to be taken as needed.  3 tsp. of apple cider vinegar added to 2 c. honey.  Take by the tablespoon full until drowsy.