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Herbs Freshness, Shelf Life and Storage
Herbs are natural plant materials, so this means that they’re vulnerable to all the elements including air, light, humidity, and temperature.
Some of the best herb protectors are colored glass, kraft bags, or foil sacks, and they should always be stored out of direct contact with
light. Herbs loose their color and flavor with age, so always know your source, and purchase only what you will need within a short time.
Committed to providing you exceptional quality bulk organic herbs and spices that are unsurpassable in
taste, aroma, color, and key nutrients. This results in a far more beneficial product that your body and mind will thank you for.
Each botanical we offer you is sampled, screened, analyzed and lot recorded by both our quality control department and our laboratory,
guaranteeing you a superior herbal product that is consistent, safe, and effective.

Below are some points of importance  

• Herbs and spices are very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, moisture, and light. Store in a temperature controlled environment
with limited light, heat, and moisture. Ideal storage temperatures are 65-73 degrees and relative humidity should not exceed 55. Light
(including incandescent and fluorescence) will strip your botanicals of their natural color and remove many key elements. An ideal location
is a dry pantry, cupboard or closet.

• Every botanical we offer you (except for certified organics and wild gathered items) are tested for pesticide residues and we will never
distribute any products containing such residues. In addition to this, all the botanicals we offer are free of irradiation, ozone, sulfur, gas
and chemical treatment. Offering botanical products that are processed through these means is regarded as unhealthy and its consumption
is not advised.

• All herbs and spices have a relatively fixed shelf life, and we recommend that you only purchase what you will use within a short period of time.
The best guideline to follow is; no longer than 1-2 years for leaves and herbs, 10-12 months for powders and flowers, and no longer then 2-3
years for roots, barks and berries. We always recommend using material within a few months of purchasing it, and you can keep track of the
timeline by following the “Packed On” date which is affixed to every botanical product.  This is why tinctures are the best bet.  Three year shelf


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