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Pure Herbs - Lily of the Valley and Blessed Thistle

4 ounce $40.00

Lily-of-the-Valley and Blessed Thistle
Angina, heart repair, fluid retention from Pure Herbs 4-ounce

This combination is superior for the heart and circulatory system, as is the combination HT (Heart Tonic). This action is swifter than HT for pains in the chest due to a heart problem. There is no harmful build-up in the blood stream as it is not stored for more than a few hours. This is tailor-made for serious heart problems that look hopeless. The combination relieves fluid build-up around the heart; it is a specialist at repairing heart valves, including the large mitral valve (two-sided valve between the upper and lower chamber of the left side of the heart). It delivers oxygen to oxygen-starved heart and brain; repairs blood vessels, improves memory.

COMBINATION: Lily-of-the-Valley, Blessed Thistle

DOSAGE: 10 to 40 drops per meal or three times per day. If you experience chest pains, then 40 drops at once.

Testimonial August 2001: ďMy husband had congestion in the base of his throat for seven months. Three doctors gave him prescriptions for a nasal drip. Finally, the third doctor took an EKG and sent him to a heart doctor. The congestion was a symptom of a heart problem, an enlarged weak heart. The herbalist we used told us to try Stone Root and in two days it was cleared up. He is still taking it and the congestion hasnít come back. My husband is now on HT Combination and Lily of the Valley & Blessed Thistle and is feeling stronger. I also have a testimony to share. I took Stone Root and my hemorrhoids were gone in 2 weeks.
Barbara Hastey, Dover, NJ  

July 11, 2005 "Three years ago, Bob, my husband, was diagnosed with an enlarged, weak heart. I thought I was going to lose him. Our doctor sent him to a Cardiologist who gave him three prescriptions. Of course, I talked to our herbalist (my Pure Herbs sponsor) and he guided me and I added a few things. I gave Bob two droppers each of H.T. Combo, Lily of the Valley and Blessed Thistle, Stone Root and Horsetail, every morning and night with three CoQ10 (100mg) in the day. Bob had an EKG and an Echocardiogram in June. The doctor told us that his heart is back to where it should be! The doctor turned to me and said, 'I guess you will probably say the herbs did it.' Bob and I thank Pure Herbs and our Lord for these herbs. I now have a new man after 44 years!
Thanks again!" --Barbara Hastey, Dover, NJ

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