Mother Earth Minerals
Through his research, Mr. Ott became convinced of the importance of
minerals for balanced health and wellness. He believes that many people
are mineral deficient which contributes to the incidence of disease.
Mr. Ott teaches that to balance wellness, begin by balancing the pH of
the cells, and health and wellness will follow. Mother Earth's Minerals
are specifically designed by Mr. Ott to replace essential trace minerals
directly to the cells in the correct water soluble, ionic form for easy
assimilation by the body.
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Mother Earth Minerals
 Prices do change, we reserve the right to make corrections if this page has not been updated.  Please ask for current prices.  Diligence in updating web site prices
is done, but it can be missed.  Typographical errors in pricing occur and will not be honored.  Only the correct price will be allowed.

All 2 oz.   prices  $15.00  unless otherwise indicated
All 8 oz  prices  $24 00  unless otherwise indicated

Liquid Minerals (2 oz.)
7000     BORON
7001     CALCIUM
7002     CHROMIUM
7003     COBALT
7004     COPPER
7005     GERMANIUM
7006     GOLD
7042     INDIUM
2 oz.     $28.00
7007     IODINE
7008     IRON
7009     MAGNESIUM
7010     MANGANESE
7012     PLATINUM
7013     POTASSIUM
7014     SELENIUM
7015     SILVER
7016     SULFUR
7044     ULTIMATIUM   1/2OZ     $49.00
used for extreme wound healing and more
7017     VANADIUM
7018     ZINC

Liquid Minerals (8oz)
7020     BORON
7021    CALCIUM
7022    CHROMIUM
7023    COBALT
7024    COPPER
7025     GERMANIUM
7027     IODINE
70M      IRON
702*      MAGNESIUM
7030     MANGANESE
7032     PLATINUM
7033     POTASSIUM
7034     SELENIUM
7039     SILVER
70M      SULFUR
7037     VANADIUM
7038      ZINC
Liquid Supplements (8 oz.)
7046     AQUA VIVOS   $28.00

Information About Mother Earth Minerals

Dr. Linus Pauling, the winner of two Nobel Prizes, declared the stunning truth: “You can trace EVERY SICKNESS, EVERY DISEASE, AND EVERY AILMENT, ultimately to a MINERAL DEFICIENCY."

You must understand that in order for a mineral to be assimilated correctly on the cellular level, it must be in a form no larger than an angstrom in size. These angstrom-sized particles should also be completely water soluble, which allows the mineral to be quickly 100% absorbed in either the mouth (sublingually) or in theupper stomach where lower stomach acids will not destroy them.

Just how big is an “ANGSTROM”? Well, consider that it takes 1 MILLION angstrom-sized particles lined up on a horizontal plane to cross the distance equal to ONE MICRON. What does this mean in ‘laymen terms’?

Simply that every other ‘mineral supplement’ on the market falls far short because it is much larger than a micron in size, or is not taken sublingually.

Mother Earth Minerals can supply you with angstrom-sized minerals such as boron, calcium, chromium, cobalt, copper, germanium, gold, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, platinum, potassium, selenium,
silver, vanadium, & zinc.

According to Dr. Pauling and others, all diseases and disorders can be controlled, if not eliminated, by giving the body the nutrition it needs to fight the energy imbalances.

(3rd edition) by A. True Ott Presents
A convincing and revealing guide for the importance of minerals for personal health and wellness.   7041    $18.95

Mother Earth Minerals are 100% natural minerals bonded with water, therefore have not been evaluated nor approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Warnings and General Information:
Most minerals should be taken early in the day except for Gold, Calcium, Copper, and at times, Chromium.

Gold will promote a restful sleep.  Platinum, Potassium, Selenium, and Water of
Life should be taken in the morning as they have a tendency to stimulate the

Do not take Zinc or Molybdenum at the same time as you take the Copper; wait
 at least ½ hour between dosages or they cancel one another out.

Copper, Selenium, and Iron are very powerful minerals, so please only take ½ dropperful unless otherwise directed. Selenium and Iron are both minerals that
will affect your sleep pattern if not taken EARLY IN THE DAY.

Copper and Selenium may cause irritability.  Calcium is a potent mineral.
Please start with ½ dropperful and work up to the recommended dosage.

Silver may be taken daily if desired. It is generally for use, however, when one is
ill. If your immune system is lacking, it may be safely taken daily as a secondary support immune system.

Conversion Ratios for Mother Earth Minerals

by A. True Ott, PhD

There have been numerous questions by Health Care Professionals as to the relativity of Mother Earth Mineral angstrom sized mineral solutions to the daily RDA of minerals as established by the American FDA.

First of all, it needs to be established that a mineral element that is bound with another element such as carbon turns it into a compound and therefore is significantly different, chemically and physically speaking, than the pure, isolated mineral element itself. For instance, a 50 mg. pill of calcium carbonate is much different than the pure metallic element of calcium. Calcium Carbonate is NOT pure calcium in exactly the same way that water (H2O) is a liquid compound much different than both of the primary GASSES Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O) that make up the compound.

Moreover, Hydrogen and Oxygen are flammable gasses, while H2O extinguishes fire. Calcium (Ca) is a metallic element, but when it combines with a carbon structure, it changes entirely into a compound better known as Chalk (Calcium Carbonate). Also, the amount of pure calcium received on the cellular level from the consumption of a calcium compound such as Lime or Chalk is dependent on a number of variables, including the individual’s digestive enzymatic structure. Therefore, it is quite possible that individuals that are highly calcium deficient are unable to have the enzymatic functions to absorb calcium from the foods they consume, and likewise a typical calcium supplement has little or no effect for the same reason. It must be understood that sublingual application of Mother Earth Mineral solution bypasses the gastro-intestinal tract, and the pure element itself is 100% absorbed into the bloodstream. Understanding the conversion ratios then becomes less of a critical need – the more important number is the amount of MILLIGRAMS ABSORBED, vs. MILLIGRAMS CONSUMED.

With this stated, the following conversion ratios can be established, based on stated Parts Per Million (PPM) on the Mother Earth Minerals Labels for our friends in the FDA and AMA:
1 Dropperful of MEM = 1 Milliliter (ML or 1/1000 of a liter)
1 PPM = 1 Milligram (MG) per Liter

Therefore, the Conversion Ratio into Milligrams Per Dropper (MgPD) can be extrapolated by the following formula: MgPD = PPM / 1000.

For Instance, to calculate the Milligrams of Calcium per Dropper (ML), divide 2500 PPM by 1000 and you get 2.5 MG per dropper, or 2500 MCG per dropper. (MCG = MG X 1000) and this is 100% absorbed..

While ostensibly this may seem like a small amount compared with a traditional 50 or 100 mg. calcium carbonate supplement – consider that it is estimated that less than 1/100 of the actual mineral of calcium extrapolated from a compound form is absorbed on the cellular level IF THE INDIVIDUAL’S ENZYMATIC TRACT IS NOT IMPAIRED!!

Therefore, the most a healthy individual could absorb on the cellular level from a 50 mg. calcium carbonate/citrate pill is typically .5 mg. The same ratios hold true on every mineral from Boron to Zinc.

Using this formula, we produced this table for ease of conversion:
5 dropperfuls = 5 ml = 1 Teaspoon
3 Teaspoons = 15 ml = 1 Tablespoon
2 Tablespoons = 1 oz.

Parts per
Mg per
Mg per
30 ppm
0.030 mg
0.150 mg
2,500 ppm
2.500 mg
12.500 mg
300 ppm
0.300 mg
1.500 mg
200 ppm
0.200 mg
1.000 mg
90 ppm
0.090 mg
0.450 mg
50 ppm
0.050 mg
0.250 mg
75 ppm
0.075 mg
0.375 mg
15 ppm
0.015 mg
0.075 mg
75 ppm
0.075 mg
0.375 mg
30 ppm
0.030 mg
0.150 mg
1,000 ppm
1.000 mg
5.000 mg
100 ppm
0.100 mg
0.500 mg
50 ppm
0.050 mg
0.250 mg
50 ppm
0.050 mg
0.250 mg
900 ppm
0.900 mg
4.500 mg
75 ppm
0.075 mg
0.375 mg
100 ppm
0.100 mg
0.500 mg
900 ppm
0.900 mg
4.500 mg
100 ppm
0.100 mg
0.500 mg
300 ppm
0.300 mg
1.500 mg
Mineral of Life
4000 ppm
4.000 mg
20.000 mg
300 ppm
0.300 mg
1.500 mg


By A. True Ott, PhD
In my book, Wellness Secrets for Life, I have outlined disease specific protocols that have helped thousands of individuals in their battle for ‘normalcy’. However, what protocol should the vast majority of ‘healthy and happy’ individuals adopt to help assure that a major, debilitating disease does not cloud their future??
 I highly recommend that every person who wishes to maximize their joy in living by maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit consider the following regimen:

Calcium: 2-4 Droppers
Magnesium: 2 Droppers
Potassium: 2 Droppers
Silver: 2-4 Droppers
Chromium: 2 Droppers
Vanadium: 1 Dropper
Cobalt: 2 Droppers
Indium: 1-2 Droppers
UltimatiumÔ 3-4 DROPS
Iron: 1 Dropper
Iodine: 1 Dropper
Manganese: 1 Dropper
Molybdenum: ½ Dropper
Mineral of Life: 2 Droppers
Selenium: 1 Dropper
Boron: 1 Dropper
Gold: (PM Preferable) 1 Dropper
Platinum (AM Preferable) 1 Dropper
Zinc: 2 Droppers
Copper: (Do not take w/ zinc or molybdenum)
1 Dropper
Sulfur: 2 Droppers
Germanium: 1 Dropper
Tin: 1-2 Droppers

Children's Dosage:

The recommendations in the applications are for individuals 60 pounds and heavier.
Reduce dose ½ for children 30-60 pounds,
¼ for children 10-30 pounds,
1/8 for infants.


Measurement: Dpfl equals dropperful as provided in 2 ounce bottles. Since the minerals offered by Mother Earth Minerals are Ionic, and Water Soluble – what minerals are not needed by the cell are passed through the body so it is impossible to overdose. Recommended dosage isestimated cellular absorption rates for deficiency needs with each ‘condition’ or disease.

These doses are intended for specific health issues; they are not intended for extended use. These recommendations are not for general health supplementation
or to be used once wellness has been achieved.

The recommendations contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and
Drug Administration.

(The definitions of illnesses, diseases, or disorders are taken all or in part from
The American Heritage Stedman’s Medical Dictionary.)
Mineral FAQ:
Q: According to the Book, Wellness Secrets for Life, what is considered a ‘dropperful’?
A: A single firm pinch of the eyedropper provided in the mineral bottle picks up approximately 1 ml. of mineral and is considered a ‘dropperful’ even though the eyedropper may only be ½ full.

Q: What recommendations do you have for pregnant and lactating mothers?
A: All Mother Earth Minerals nutritional products are not only safe for pregnant and lactating mothers, but are highly recommended. Keep in mind, pure minerals and alkalizing foods help individual cells better utilize oxygen and helps the placenta nourish the developing fetus. Mother’s milk is a concentration of the best nutrition available in the mother’s body, so the more mineral balanced the mother’s body, the higher quality the nutritional content of the milk. The manufacturer of the Aqua Chi recommends using the machine on pregnant mothers only under the direction of the attending physician. The Photon Sound Beam is primarily an appliance that provides oxygenation to the individual cells, so using it should not be harmful to the fetus, or to a lactating mother. Any individual questions and/or concerns should be directed to a qualified health care practitioner.

Q: Do the minerals have any negative interactions with any prescription medicines?
A: Typically, no – but each individual is different.
For instance, one person may love walnuts, while the next may be highly allergic to them. Why should the FDA ban walnuts or require warning labels on them because they may be ‘deadly’ to a small number of people? Keep in mind that like oxygen and water, the human body rarely if ever reacts negatively to pure mineral nutrients that it needs to survive and maintain good health. Prescription medicines on the other hand, are typically inorganic (unnaturally occurring) chemicals that have been manufactured in a laboratory, and often produce undesirable “side effects” not the least of which are potentially deadly interactions with other incompatible chemical combinations (other prescribed ‘medications’). Again, the minerals are not chemicals, and therefore are extremely hypo-allergenic to the vast majority of people.

Q: How much of each mineral should I take?
A: Whatever you feel your body needs. Some people feel they need more, others less. Calcium and Magnesium are needed daily by every human being to initiate the complex series of chemical reactions that create energy in the individual cells, therefore, it may be a smart idea to take a minimum of two droppers of each mineral daily. Silver exhibits broad based anti-viral and anti-biotic tendencies, so many people give their immune systems a boost by daily silver consumption. Again, all angstrom sized minerals are totally water soluble and therefore do not tend to accumulate in tissue cells, so overdosing is typically not a problem. Please refer to our
Health Maintenance Protocol above.

Q: How long do I continue to take the minerals?
A: If a disease condition is being treated by your health practitioner, you should follow his/her advice, even as to vitamin and/or mineral supplementation. Keep in mind that just as water needs to be replenished on a daily basis, so do minerals. Our bodies are composed of 75% water and 25% minerals – many chronic conditions are caused by cellular dehydration and mineral imbalances. There is no substitute for drinking pure water (sorry, coffee, alcohol, and soft drinks do not hydrate the cells like water), and there is no substitute for minerals on the cellular level. We do not replenish the oil in the crankcase of our vehicles for 3-6 months, then stop, then why should we desire to stop the ‘preventive
maintenance’ of our most valuable asset – our bodies, after just a few short months?

Q: Can I give minerals to my pets?
A: Absolutely. The anti-parasite formula is a good idea for cats and dogs to help
keep your home and yard free of harmful uninvited parasite larvae that have been known to eventually invade human hosts as well. All mammalian life needs
minerals to function optimally. Many pet owners report great results (increased
gloss in fur and hair) by adding a dropper of each mineral to the pet’s water tray
 every 5 days. Mineral supplementation is a MUST for owners of show animals.

Q: Is it possible to take too much of the minerals? Can they make you sick?
A: No, you cannot take too much of the minerals and they by themselves rarely make anyone ‘sick’. Our minerals are angstrom sized particles and are 100%
water soluble. This means that the minerals cannot cause toxic accumulations
in the body tissues, and all excess minerals are discharged naturally through the urea and feces. However, when pure nutrition is introduced to the body, often the body begins to ‘dump’ toxic substances and can cause mild to severe flu-like symptoms (i.e. nausea, diarrhea, low-grade fever, etc). Keep in mind that if this occurs, it typically a very good sign that your body is responding and cleansing
itself of harmful toxins. It is the release of the TOXINS that may make you ill, not
 the minerals themselves. Like pure air and water, purely natural minerals are extremely hypo-allergenic and areessential to achieving and maintaining good
health and vitality.

Q: What is the difference between colloidal minerals and your minerals?
A: Particle size. Colloidal essentially refers to a ‘suspended’ particle mixed with water, not bonded to the hydrogen and oxygen molecule itself. Typically, colloidal suspensions measure in size between 1 to 5 microns. Angstrom sized mineral particles however, are 1/1,000,000 of a micron and bond with the hydrogen molecules in the water (H2O). This again is why they are referred to as ‘water soluble’ and why they are able to enter the individual cells by penetrating the 100 angstrom thick cellular wall. Once inside the cell, the specific vibratory frequency
of the mineral particle is utilized by the cell in numerous complex chemical procedures to produce energy, utilize oxygen more efficiently, and dispose of toxic waste material such as free radicals. In summation, colloidal minerals may help to
a certain degree, but may accumulate in the various tissues of the body causing toxicity. Angstrom sized particles of minerals are the size in which plants, fruits
and vegetables deliver minerals to humans, but the problem is that our croplands
 are highly mineral deficient, even though the plant itself may appear to be healthy.


 You should also purchase True Ott’s books that exposes and explains the many toxic chemicals that are in our foods and skin care products and more that are affecting our health. For eyesight in general, check out the above referenced site
for the Ultimatium (get the drops), and add Master Earth Blend PM Formula to be taken at night with liquid Gold. This has a double effect as it can help eyesight as well as helping with sleeping. Adding liquid Silver to the equation and “the sky is
 the limit”. Also giving yourself a total cleanse full body and colon cleanse would
be a great addition.

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