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MMS is a "stabilized oxygen" formulation that is a 28% solution of Sodium Chlorite in distilled water. When a mild acid (lemon or lime juice, or citric acide) is added to a few drops of MMS, Chlorine Dioxide is created and when ingested, produces a major boost to the immune system, killing virtually every known pathogen, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and yeasts.

While first developed to address Malaria in Africa, it has now been shown to address many toxicity conditions that are directly or indirectly related to pathogens. There is documentation of over 75,000 cases of Malaria being overcome in Africa. Often in as little as 4 hours all symptoms are gone and the victim is tested clear of Malaria. It is now known that chlorine dioxide, as used in the MMS protocol, can be used to overcome toxicity contributors to such conditions as AIDS, Hepatitis A,B&C, Typhoid, most cancers, herpes, pneumonia, food poisoning, tuberculosis, asthma, colds, flu and a host of other conditions.

Even conditions not directly related to pathogens seem to be helped due to the huge boost to the body's immune system (by way of reduction in the body's toxic load), i.e., macular degeneration, allergies, lupus, inflammatory bowel disorders, diabetes, snake bites and fibromyalgia. Please note that MMS doesn't cure anything, but rather it reduces the toxic load which helps our body to heal itself.  

MMS is available in a 4-ounce bottle with a squirt spout, making it easy to dispense in drops. The book, Breakthrough - The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century, provides full instructions on how to make MMS and where to get the needed supplies. For the moment we only know of Global Light Network as a supplier in the US. They will help anyone who is willing to make MMS and supply to others. MMS is so important for the health and wellness of mankind, we must all do everything possibly to make it available around the world before it is blocked by Big Pharma and government agencies.

Usage Varies according to one's health. However in most cases, it is advisable to start with one drop and increase by one drop until you are taking up to 15 drops per day.

Notes: Due to the problem of fermentation overgrowth that many people carry, vinegar is no longer considered an activator of choice. Lemon or lime juice, or citric acid are preferred. After activation, you can add apple, pineapple, grape or cranberry juice or water for intake. Juices must not have Vitamin C added as it will prevent activation. (naturally-contained Vitamin C is fine). Do not use orange juice or any citrus juices as they will prevent activation.
Use 5 drops of activator for every 1 drop of MMS.

For General Wellness: Go very slow. Always start with 1 drop of MMS and 5 drops of activator in a small empty glass. Swirl to mix the two. Let sit for 3 minutes and then add 2 to 4 ounces of water or juice to mix. Drink within one hour.

Increase the application 1 or 2 drops of MMS at a time (mixing with the appropriate amount of vinegar) until you are taking 15 drops per day. When you are feeling well and that your immune system is strong enough to protect you from any illnesses, you can go on maintenance of 6 drops daily.
If you feel naseous, drop back 2 drops on your next application. (Original instructions talk about ingesting MMS twice a day. That is more for people who are ill. Once a day, for general wellness is sufficient.)

Pets: Start with 1 drop a day and work up to 3 drops of MMS a day for each 25 pounds (114 kg) of body weight. Add 5 drops of activator per drop of MMS and wait three minutes. Then add water/juice and drink.
Maintenance: Work up to 6 drops once a day, twice a week for young people; 6 drops once every day for older people. Always use 5 drops of activator per drop of MMS, swirl, wait three minutes, then add the water or juice. Most people on maintenance can start off at 6 drops a day and do not need to work up to it. Only a very few will feel any nausea from six drops.

Most Diseases, Especially Liver Diseases: Start with 2 drops or less if one is very ill. If you don't notice an increase in nausea, go to 3 drops four hours later. The next day start with 3 drops in the morning and go to four drops in the afternoon. Continue increasing the drops until you are taking 15 drops twice a day. Anytime you notice nausea, reduce the drops, but go to 15 drops as soon as possible. Take the drops after a meal to help prevent nausea. A healthy person experiences no nausea, but do not be afraid of nausea as it only indicates that the MMS is working.

Malaria and Other Parasitic Diseases: Use 15 drops the very first dose. Wait one to two hours and give another 15 drops. Do the same the next day. Continue for 3 days. Check for parasites. If parasites are present, continue up to 3 months. All parasites will be dead long before 3 months. Remember always use 5 drops of activator for every drop of MMS, wait three minutes and add juice. In most cases, parasites, including worms, will be dead within 3 days.

Snake Bites: Take at least 15-drop doses every ? hour for 2 hours, and then every hour for 2 hours, then every 2 hours. Continue every 4 hours until you are out of danger. As usual, use the activator, wait 3 minutes and add juice. Do not cut a snake bite in any case. Be sure to see a doctor, but do not allow him to cut the snake bite. It's okay to use a suction device on the bite. Cutting spreads the poison too fast. Burns: 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree: Do not use the activator. Squirt the MMS directly on the burn full strength from the bottle. Make sure it covers the burn. Wait no longer than 60 seconds and then wash the MMS off with water.

Sunburn: It's very good to use to stop pain and burning for sunburns, but WARNING: do not leave on more than 30 seconds. It must be washed off. Most any drinkable liquid is okay to use to wash off in extreme emergencies. (The MMS neutralizes the acid created by the burn, but if left on the burn, it will create a different kind of burn. Food Poisoning: Take 12 drops for first dose and then 6 drops every ? hour. Be sure to use the vinegar, wait 3 minutes and use about ? glass of juice or water.

Any Sick Animal: For smaller animals use 1 drop per 25 pounds of body weight. For horses and other large animals, use 3 drops per each 25 pounds of body weight. Use an appropriate amount of activator, wait 3 minutes and normally add water instead of juice. Most animals will go ahead and drink, but you may have to force feed the animal. In that case a turkey baster with a large squeeze tube bought at most grocery stores works fine. If there is a question, use smaller doses at first.

In addition to the warnings mentioned in the Usage Section, please note the following.

Always start with no more than 1 drop
Never use MMS full strength.
Okay to use with DMSO.
Do not exceed the recommended doses.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Use water to wash MMS from your skin or eyes.
Keep out of direct sunlight.

Available Literature
The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century is a book written by Jim V. Humble who has discovered this formulation and claims it can eliminate any pathogen known to man. The book details Mr. Humble's process of discovery and his fascinating and extensive work with malaria patients in Africa. He offers much insight into how the chlorine dioxide ion works and gives details on how to make it. Dr. Humble's intent is to offer this information to whoever can disseminate it to the masses as he feels this is the answer to most diseases.

Download Part One (eBook) for free here:
Get more data and order Part Two (eBook):
Go here to buy a hard copy of the book for $14.95:

Thought for Food: No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry -- A comprehensive introduction to MMS, how and why it works, and what you might expect.
Health Salon -- Many useful links to information about MMS and other modalities.

Questions and Answers

Introduction in the Newsletter
o One of our very special Members called to my attention a new product that we can make here that is probably the most powerful antibiotic I have ever heard of and is a major boost to the immune system.

o Last week, in my notes, I referred to a new antibiotic product. This week, I gathered all of the supplies and equipment that are needed to start producing the Miracle Mineral Supplement.

We will make the MMS and have it available for Members, or anyone who is interested, for the established price of $20 for a 4 oz. bottle. That would probably last you and your family almost a year. However, this product is so important that I would encourage anyone and everyone to get both parts of the eBook and learn how to make it and make it available as widely as possible. If you have a way to get it introduced into Africa or anywhere else where there are urgent needs, please do so, and we don't need to be involved unless you want us to be. Just join with us and with Jim Humble, the author, and let's make a difference for humanity.

I should make it clear that this product is so powerful and holds out such huge potential for benefit to mankind, it is certain to eventually draw opposition from FDA, Big Pharma, and the medical establishment. Thus, there is an element of risk involved in openly making the Miracle Mineral Supplement known and available. Please draw down the FREE Part 1 of the eBook if you want to find out all the known health issues it will help and how to make it yourself, then buy Part 2 from Jim Humble, the author. And, as Ross Perot once said, if you have any ideas about distribution, "I am all ears."

Customer Testimonials
Nausea at 10 Drops . . .I was so excited to start taking the MMS as I know I have a latent virus and also an infection in my body. I followed the supplied instructions, starting with 1 drop in the morning. In the evening I took increased my dosage to 2 drops. Didn't feel anything. The next morning I increased by 2 drops and again by 2 drops that evening. So now I was up to 8 drops and was feeling a little bit achy and lethargic (classic detox symptoms). Instead of heeding my body, the next day I took 10 drops that morning, and I was nauseous and totally miserable the whole day. I started feeling better that night.

I read in the book that a healthy person won't feel nausea and while it scares some to experience it, that means the MMS is working. However, I don't enjoy feeling that bad, so today, I am dropping back down to 6 drops and will increase by 1 drop each dose, which will be once a day rather than 2. V.A., TX

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