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Pure Herbs - Maca

4 ounce  $38.00

This herbal gift comes to us from the native people high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, South America. It is used both as a food and a medicine. When you live at such great heights in a harsh and challenging environment, you look for anything you can to help you develop the stamina to survive. The herb, Maca, figures prominently in the ability to master this struggle. The herb itself is a hardy survivor of harsh growing conditions. It makes its home at heights between 9,000 to 14,500 feet. This is an area where the direct rays of the sun can hit plants (and people) without having been filtered through a cloud first. Where Maca is at home, many people would be clawing for a decent breath of air when they just try to move around. Thin, rocky soils dominate the landscape and fierce winds with biting cold can whip up out of nowhere. No other cultivated plant grows as high up as Maca. Maca has the ability to survive here where other plants perish. Perhaps for this reason, the native people of Peru turned to this hardy member of the Nightshade Family of plants (familiar relatives are the potato, tomato, egg plant and tobacco). The Maca plant lies on the ground and looks a little like a flat-growing potato plant. It has ivory-colored flowers and tubers (underground storage roots) resembling an upside down pear.

This storage root is the part, which is used after boiling it for five to six hours to harness its positive properties. Maca’s mature taste can be described as something like the taste of peanut brittle without the peanuts in it, or a type of bee pollen. When we consider all the things Maca is traditionally relied upon to do, the best guess in figuring out how Maca works is that it nourishes the glandular control bridge of the brain (pituitary-hypothalamus-pineal-complex) and encourages it to work properly. This control bridge then coordinates and encourages the function of all the other glands below the head. This action includes the glands of the body such as the ovaries, testes, adrenals, pancreas, thyroid, thymus etc. They begin producing their hormones again.

This is a far different approach than orthodox medicine’s practice of dumping finished chemical hormones into the body, which may or may not be unbalanced, and cause the body’s glands to shrivel and stop any production of hormones that might be going on. We know that artificial chemical hormones can be a problem. Maca has been used, according to archaeological evidence in Peru, since probably 1600 years B.C. If there were any problem with it, we probably would have found out about it by now. Many physicians of South American and Dr. Vianna Muller of New York find Maca especially useful for women to relieve the torments and suffering of menopause, sugar cravings and depression during and after menopause. When Maca is given to men, fertility is increased and sexual function is strengthened. Yet when scientists examine Maca, they do not find it to contain hormones. They do find it to contain a class of chemical compounds known as glucosinolates, or more specifically, p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyantate. These compounds are often associated with herbs known as aphrodisiacs. Peruvian folk medicine describes the use of Maca to be for the following: For more youthful skin, normalizing vaginal lubrication and improved emotional balance, for energy and stamina, to correct anemia, to build immunity and improve memory.

Suggested traditional daily liquid extract intake: 40 to 80 drops daily. In severely debilitated cases, 1 teaspoon three times per day. Note: Some cleaning may occur as the glands are nourished and coordinated and encouraged to function again. If this occurs, then be sure to use Maca with a good bowel management program, which ensures at least two, and preferably three, easy and complete bowel movements per day. Feelings of “nausea” can be prevented in this way.

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