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Stone Root - Pure Herbs

Stone Root
Stone Root 4
4 ounce $28.50

Stone Root 1
1 ounce $14.00

Collinsonia canadensis
PROPERTIES AND USES: Dissolve calcium and or waste mineral deposits, arteries, clean out fat, kidneys and urinary systems, male fertility and virility, prostate problems.
COMMON NAMES: Collinsonia, Ox Balm, Hardback, Horse Weed, Rich Leaf, Rich Weed, Knob Grass, Knob Root, Horse Balm, Knot Root.

BODILY INFLUENCES: To break up and dissolve stones in kidneys and bladder, as well as waste mineral accumulations of circulatory and heart valves, Stone Root finds some of its greatest service. At the same time, a general flush of the blood stream and urinary tract is required so that Stone Root can do its job properly. Drink six to eight glasses of GREEN DRINK or spring water per day, while taking 80 drops, three times per day, of the extract.

To dissolve kidney and bladder stones, or stone accumulation in the heart valves, including those caused by uric acid accumulations, Stone Root can be also be used externally. Apply Vitamin E from 100 or 400 i.u. capsules to the skin in the area to prevent irritation and to make oxygen more efficient.

Then apply Arnica and then Herbal ADJ. (Herbal Adjustment, SEE: HERBAL ADJ.) to the same area, to remove physical shock and increase circulation.

Next, soak a single layer of cheese cloth or absorbent gauze with Stone Root Extract and lay this over the area.

Cover with plastic sandwich wrap and finally, wrap a cloth around the body to hold all in place. Leave on overnight, each night. In the morning, remove the application and discard. Wash the area and allow to dry. Repeat the same application procedure for the daytime.

Continue until all is corrected. Although seldom necessary, if a stone should start
to slide during the process of dissolving in the urinary tract, take one tablespoon of Marshmallow Root, internally, to ease its passing. The service of this valuable root does not stop with this.

Stone Root is also successfully employed to reduce swelling and discomfort of hemorrhoids, as well as correcting them. In this instance, 80 drops, three times per day, is taken internally, and a gentle bowel maintenance program is used to prevent irritation and straining. Persist until the problem is handled. Two weeks often shows a marked improvement in hemorrhoid problems.

(SEE: Cascara Sagrada, C.C.E.-W and Buckthorn, C.C.E.-W).

For Heart: Also see Lilly of the Valley and Thistle in combination with Stone Root
DOSAGE: 40 to 80 drops, three times per day, and as given above.
Drink six to eight glasses of spring water per day, while taking 80 drops, three times per day, of the extract. You need to dissolve and flush out the material.  Hydrating is vital.

Your over all health and blood sugar will do well to have a good quality

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