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Horsetail  Pure Herbs

Horsetail - Equisetum arvense

Four Ounce  
 4HRT    $27.75

PROPERTIES AND USES: Kidneys, blood pressure, skin problems, elasticity of tissue, drive out heavy metals.

COMMON NAMES: Scourbrush, Nerve Root, American Valerian, Shavegrass.
PARTS USED: The plant.

BODILY INFLUENCES: Horsetail, also known as Shavegrass, bears the reputation of "surgeon without a knife." When rolled between the fingers, the stems of the plant reveal its true nature of containing silicon, the same material which makes sand and crystals strong and resilient. This natural crystalline structure not only supports the body and gives it a smooth finish, but acts as an internal surgeon to shave away unworthy tissues and slough them off. The body structure thus renewed has greater integrity and elasticity. At the rate of 40 drops per day, a smooth finish is given to the skin much like the skin of the surface of an apple, and provides the skin you love to touch. Nerves become very resilient, nails flexible and tough and hair becomes "silky" as is noted when rolled between the fingers. Allow up to four months or more of patience to see these changes. Horesetail is a slow moving herb when it comes to producing these effects but once it becomes part of these structures, you really have something you can count on. A maintenance amount then of 10 to 20 drops per day can maintain these desirable benefits. American Indian use for kidneys and fluid retention is well documented. Here 40 drops 3 times per day are recommended. The ingestion of Horsetail at the rate of 40 drops 3 times per day allows the body to cast out impurities of all kinds, including heavy metals and other pollutants through the bowel, urine, skin and nails and lungs.

GENERAL NOTE: If through the continued use of Horsetail over a period of several months or years Mercury amalgam fillings drop out of the teeth, be glad you are free of this deadly poison. Replace with gold or inert plastics. In the study of the eye, called Iridology, when discolored rings occur around the outer edge of the blue or brown part of the eye(s), it is called a scurf rim. This is an indication of body pollution which has settled in the skin area and can be cleansed effectively by Horsetail if further contact with pollutants are avoided. Wear natural fiber underclothes and clothing. Horsetail also cleans out lead poisoning. Horsetail strengthens the lenses of the eyes and their other structures when taken internally. Horsetail, by removing congestion around blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure. Russian folk medicine experience indicates your choice of herbs for bleeding from the stomach or the intestinal tract to be that of Horsetail.
MSM - Methyl-sulfonyl-methane has been found in this herb.

DOSAGE: 40 drops per day for skin and hair and nails. 40 drops three times per day for more involved conditions.

SOURCES: Alma R. Hutchens, "Indian Herbalogy of North America;" Dr. Eugene C. Watkins, "Get Well With Natural Remedies."

July 11, 2005 "Three years ago, Bob, my husband, was diagnosed with an enlarged, weak heart. I thought I was going to lose him. Our doctor sent him to a Cardiologist who gave him three prescriptions. Of course, I talked to Richard Dicks (my Pure Herbs sponsor) and he guided me and I added a few things. I gave Bob two droppers each of H.T. Combo, Lily of the Valley and Blessed Thistle, Stone Root and Horsetail, every morning and night with three CoQ10 (100mg) in the day. Bob had an EKG and an Echocardiogram in June. The doctor told us that his heart is back to where it should be! My husband turned to me and said, 'I guess you will probably say the herbs did it.' Bob and I thank Pure Herbs and our Lord for these herbs. I now have a new man after 44 years! Thanks again!" --Barbara Hastey, Dover, NJ (973)366-4675

March 2005: "Have you ever had a stiff neck? I woke up one morning , began my stretching exercises and could not continue my neck ones because of the pain. Some stretching helped (5%), but I still couldn't turn my head without stiffness. I rubbed on Oil of Cajeput, Big 5 + 2, Indian Tobacco, Arnica, Rue, Wintergreen Oil, Black Walnut Meats, and I received 5% more relief. My husband applied the same batch of herbs down my spine and I had even more improvement (20%). I remembered that my tailbone could be causing my neck pain so I applied Passion Flower and Klamath Weed topically over my lower back and all the way to the tip of my Coccyx (tailbone) and 80% of my pain disappeared! Klamath Weed has also been known to straighten and heal the tailbone. Klamath Weed and Passion Flower applied to the lower back, buttocks, and tailbone area, gives instant pain relief for the sciatic nerve. One can use UR.-W (Urinary track), KID.-W, and Klamath Weed to strengthen the kidneys." --Pat Courter, Valley View, TX (940)726-5070 "

On a side note I would like to mention some interesting information I came across in Chemical Engineering News in 1988. 'Each year in the U.S., 80,000 tons of hydrofluosilicic acid, 60,000 tons of sodium silicofluoride and 3,000 tons of sodium fluorides are put into public water supplies.' (Chemical Engineering News, Volume 66, Aug. 1, 1988, pg. 39) 'All of these fluoride chemicals are by-products of the aluminum and chemical fertilization industries and are considered to be hazardous wastes by the EPA. The scientific assessment of the health risks of fluoride, in 1985, omits 90% of the literature which suggests fluoride is a mutagen which can cause cellular and genetic mutation.' The articles researcher said, 'My dental health increased drastically when I quit using fluoride' and in an article from last September he also states, 'Our bodies are accumulating large amounts of aluminum.' Let's use the herbs to assist the body in removing aluminum (absorbed through such things as bath water and cooking) and poisons.

Here is a list of some genuine aluminum flushers and poison annihilators: For aluminum: Horsetail, Bladderwrack, A.C.S., Chlorella, and H.M.E.-H (heavy metal elimination). For poisons: C.C.E.-W, Virginia Snake Root, and Black Cohosh. Don't overlook the blood cleaners and purifiers such as, Spring Greens, Red Clover, B.P.-W, B.C.-W, and P.C.-C" The following information is taken from the P.D.R. (Physician's Desk Reference)

FOR NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS page 306: MSM (Methyl-sulfonyl-methane). It is said to be of assistance in arthritis, muscle repair, autoimmune disorders, sleep and diabetes therapy. MSM has also been found in such plants as Equisetem arvense, also known by the common name of HORSETAIL. It appears MSM can cross the blood brain barrier (It can be expected, therefore, to work with the nervous system) to correct problems.

July 5, 2006 "MY KNEES USED TO HURT!!! For some time now my knees hurt when I tried to bend them. They were hot and sore in places when I touched them. My knees hurt when I sat down, they hurt when I got up and they hurt when I walked. I had to keep my legs stiff when I walked to cut down on the pain. Then I found out about all the things FIVE OILS could do. I got a bottle of FIVE OILS and massaged the oils into my knees. I already knew HERBAL ADJ. (ADJUSTMENT) helped with pain so I put some of that on after the FIVE OILS. To my amazement it started to work at once to give me relief. I also learned that the herb HORSETAIL contains a lot of MSM for healthy cartilage. In my desperation I started taking a Tablespoon full of HORSETAIL every day by mouth instead of the few drops a day that I had been using. I have now been using the FIVE OILS and HERBAL ADJ. and HORSETAIL for about three weeks. Now I can bend my knees normally and use them all day. Here is the best part in the process of using these herbs . . . Not only did they take the pain away, but as far as I can tell they have also repaired my knees!!! I can tell you one definition of what happiness is. It is being able to walk, sit down and stand up again without pain! Thank you FIVE OILS, HERBAL ADJ. and HORSETAIL and thank you Pure Herbs, Ltd." --G.W., Sterling Hgts, MI

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