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Pure Herbs - Blood Purifier

Blood Purifier -W

Regular Price: $40.00
B.P.-W(Blood Purifier)  has a companion formula known as B.C.-W (Blood Cleaner)

From page 698 of Nutritional Healing: “Blood is composed of four components: plasma, the watery, colorless liquid in which the other components float; red blood cells; white blood cells; and platelets. If any of the functions of these components is impaired, the consequences can have a direct bearing on your health.”
“There are several ways in which the functions carried out by the blood may be hampered.

First, hundreds of chemicals - ranging from gases such as carbon monoxide to toxic metals such as lead to natural substances such as fat - can find their way into the blood and impair its function. These foreign substances enter the body through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the surfaces with which we come in contact through our skin. Because these substances act on the blood in different ways, the adverse effects they produce may vary widely.”

Second, the performance of the blood may be hampered by a lack of specific nutrients.
Finally, genetics can play a role in creating blood disorders. Blood purification techniques can act in two ways. Some help draw foreign substances out of the body, while others provide important nutrients to help restore the blood’s normal structure and maximize its performance.

B.P.-W (Blood Purifier) - The combination effect of some herbal combinations is comparable to beautiful music played with all the necessary elements of harmony, rhythm and melody. The herbs blend and support each other and become much more than each separately. Such a combination is B.P.-W. Here the combined attention is to provide the strength to clean and normalize the blood stream. It cleans out anything touched by the blood, whether it be cancerous cells, tumors, yeasts and other types of fungus, germs, virus organisms, floating trash, irritating acid crystals, urea and heavy metals. B.P.-W also provides nourishment for the red and white blood cells as well as the bone marrow. B.P.-W can be taken with confidence to provide a generous supply of organic iron and rejuvenating materials.

NOTE: B.P.-W has a companion formula known as B.C.-W (Blood Cleaner). It is a matter of practitioners choice as to which is chosen for cleaning. Both are excellent blood cleaners. B.P.-W leans a little more toward also getting glandular areas to give up their poisons, whereas B.C.-W leans a little more toward also getting the organs to give up their poisons, but both will do a fine job of cleaning. In the process, many dis-eases just can't stay in the body.

COMBINATION: Peach Leaf, Stillingia, Red Clover, Bee Pollen, Greasewood (Chaparral), Buckthorn, Inkberry (PokeRoot), Prickly Ash.

DOSE: 40 drops, 3 times per day. More can be taken, if needed, once accustomed to its effects. Take with a good bowel program to produce at least 2, and preferably 3, bowel movements per day. This handles the increased evacuation of poisons and prevents "sick feeling" when cleaning the blood.
(SEE: Cascara Sagrada, C.C.E.-W, Buckthorn)

Sept. 21, 2004 "I have an autoimmune deficiency, which means that I have lots of infections, mainly sinus and respiratory. No matter what I took, they would always come back and I would be miserable. I decided to try Stone Root to see if it would at least alleviate some of the symptoms. To my surprise and excitement the infections stopped completely! My adopted sister is handicapped and tube fed and she also has constant sinus infections. We decided to try the Stone Root on her and her infections have lessened considerably. The herb is put in her feeding tube with water after her meal. I was also taking Whole Apricot for fibroid cysts on the ovaries. Not only did the cyst shrink, to my delight I discovered that my vision had improved while taking Whole Apricot. I wasn't sure if it was a coincidence and I stopped the herb when my Doctor said my cysts were nothing to worry about anymore. After being off the Whole Apricot for awhile I had to return to wearing my reading glasses to read the paper, needless to say I started taking the Whole Apricot again. Well, it sure was NOT a coincidence, because by the time my bottle was half gone, my vision had improved to where I only need to wear my glasses for very small print! I love the Pure Herbs and I tell everyone about them. The B.P.-W formula is also wonderful for blood purification. I use it about once every four months to keep my immune system up and it has kept me feeling better than I have in years! Thanks, Pure Herbs for giving us such wonderful products." --Cyndi McGee,

March 2, 2005 "Have you ever had a stiff neck? I woke up one morning , began my stretching exercises and could not continue my neck ones because of the pain. Some stretching helped (5%), but I still couldn't turn my head without stiffness. I rubbed on Oil of Cajeput, Big 5 + 2, Indian Tobacco, Arnica, Rue, Wintergreen Oil, Black Walnut Meats, and I received 5% more relief. My husband applied the same batch of herbs down my spine and I had even more improvement (20%). I remembered that my tailbone could be causing my neck pain so I applied Passion Flower and Klamath Weed topically over my lower back and all the way to the tip of my Coccyx (tailbone) and 80% of my pain disappeared! Klamath Weed has also been known to straighten and heal the tailbone. Klamath Weed and Passion Flower applied to the lower back, buttocks, and tailbone area, gives instant pain relief for the sciatic nerve. One can use UR.-W (Urinary track), KID.-W, and Klamath Weed to strengthen the kidneys." --Pat Courter, Valley View, TX (940)726-5070

"On a side note I would like to mention some interesting information I came across in Chemical Engineering News in 1988. 'Each year in the U.S., 80,000 tons of hydrofluosilicic acid, 60,000 tons of sodium silicofluoride and 3,000 tons of sodium fluorides are put into public water supplies.' (Chemical Engineering News, Volume 66, Aug. 1, 1988, pg. 39) 'All of these fluoride chemicals are by-products of the aluminum and chemical fertilization industries and are considered to be hazardous wastes by the EPA. The scientific assessment of the health risks of fluoride, in 1985, omits 90% of the literature which suggests fluoride is a mutagen which can cause cellular and genetic mutation.' The articles researcher said, 'My dental health increased drastically when I quit using fluoride' and in an article from last September he also states, 'Our bodies are accumulating large amounts of aluminum.' Let's use the herbs to assist the body in removing aluminum (absorbed through such things as bath water and cooking) and poisons. Here is a list of some genuine aluminum flushers and poison annihilators: For aluminum: Horsetail, Bladderwrack, A.C.S., Chlorella, and H.M.E.-H (heavy metal elimination). For poisons: C.C.E.-W, Virginia Snake Root, and Black Cohosh. Don't overlook the blood cleaners and purifiers such as, Spring Greens, Red Clover, B.P.-W, B.C.-W, and P.C.-C"

July 26, 2005: "The wife of a friend came down with cancer of the blood and kidney. They were told by the doctors that there was no cure, or treatment for this type of cancer. She had a week to live. The friend told me that his wife could not get out of bed and was bed ridden. She took B.P.-W, Calendula, C.C.E.-W, Chickweed, Chuchuhuasi, Cleavers, DB.8-W, Siberian Ginseng, Greasewood, Hibiscus Flowers, Inkberry, Lapacho, Mayapple, Osha, P.C.-C, Quack Grass, Red Clover, Red Root, Reishi Mushroom, Sheep Sorrel, Spring Violet, Sweet Root, Una De Gato, Vinca, White Pond Lily, Whole Apricot, Yellow Dock and juiced carrots. Within a day she got out of bed and cooked a meal for the whole family. Now her doctors can't understand why she is still alive and functioning better than ever." James Gordon, Finesville, NJ 908 995 7485

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