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Why Living the Solution Program?

True or False...
almost all wellness deficiencies are part of the normal aging process.
There's nothing you can do about it.
True or False...
all required nutrients are obtained from your average daily food intake,
therefore supplementation is a big waste of money.

The answers?
False and False!
Cells can only duplicate what they are.  
What are you rebuilding it with?  
Are your cells reproducing healthy cells or damaged cells?
 Do your cells have the proper nutrition to communicate properly?  
Are you hurting all over?  
Trouble losing weight and don't know why?
Poor Concentration?
Memory Loss?
Too many symptoms to list?

The three demons of health
  Acidity  - Toxicity - Inflammation
Root Causes of disease is acidity and environmental toxins such as metals and chemicals which results in inflammation.  Inflammation is the root of so many problems. Realize that this
will undo more problems, that you forgot you had, that will show up one at a time as you clear the dominant one out.

1)  Acidic eating and emotions must be analyzed. We must alkalize
     the system. Thinking, eating and speaking in ways that support your

2)  Toxic environment on multiple levels   Water, air, soil, community
      and family has become too toxic and overload is happening.  

3)  Inflammation is the hidden factor to disease.  A simple CRP
     (C Reactive Protein) test is an inexpensive way to discover if you
     are in a dangerous overall state of inflammation.  Alkalizing your body
     and flushing toxins is your very first order of business in your recovery.

Your entire body totally rebuilds itself in less than two years!
98% in less than one year, a new brain in 1 year, new blood in 4 months,
skeleton in 3 months, DNA in 2 months, liver in 6 weeks,
skin in 1 month and stomach lining in 5 days.

I tried so many different modalities to heal myself.  It was not until I got my hands
on Dr. Richard Schulze book  "There are no incurible Diseases"  that I made the shift.
I went from a defensive posture emotionally to an offensive posture.  This was transformative.  
Now I did add several other protocol to his methodology.  I do not regret this and I think everyone
has to do what is in their heart.  But from the simple to the complex.  Beginning with herbal
remedies from  a quality source and the emotional support to heal and all that implies is
where recovery and actual healing occurs.

I learned from my great teachers the importance of detoxification, alkalizing and rebuilding with whole foods.  That regardless of what is wrong start with the basics of good health. A properly stocked kitchen with foods that are organic where possible, properly washed and stored.  Preperation that involves "clean" water and staying away from microwaved foods, fast foods and sugar.  Good common sense is the most obvious and simplest way to get well.

Detoxification by cleansing the organs systematicly was the spring board to my recovery from fourth stage cancer.  I have a green juice or green smoothie every morning. I vary the greens including collards, Swiss chard, kale, black dino kale and radish tops, adding two or three different greens to a base of carrot, cucumber, lemon, and ginger.   There are great recipe books.

I have removed all sugar and sweeteners, even the natural ones, from my diet because I have found that they undermine my health. I have included more raw foods for their life-giving benefits such as the biophotons they provide to my cells, giving them energy. Iíve made raw foods and juices about 60-70% of my diet. Itís made a big difference in my health, energy, and even my skin.

As horribly difficult as it was, since I was in such in an advanced stage of disease, it was an emotional, physical and spiritual relief to get that garbage out of my body and life.

 Your current level of health is a perfect reflection of how your Body, Mind and Spirit
is responding to the environment and lifestyle you have created for yourself.

With mutating viruses, bacteria, fungus, molds, pollution, antibiotics no longer
effective;  the only true defense is to build up the immune system and simply
prevent illness and rebuild Your body.

I recall one client in particular.  Diabetic, bad health but most of all he had a  bad attitude.He had just gotten divorced and lost all his monies and then lost his livelyhood due to his diseased state.  When he and I talked and reviewed how he got to where he was, this is when his healing actually began; he realized he had choices.  Going from a broken man to a hopeful citizen of life was so fulfilling and was one of the pivital cases that assured me that God had me right where He wanted me to be.  

I realized my ability to help the emotional aspect as well as the physical of the healing modality.  
Don't get me wrong,  it is no picnic, but with some hard work any "body" can do it.
How do you see your life and what are your expectations?

Living The Solution

Detox Processes for all major body systems
Alkalizing Process
Rebuilding and dietary program (easier than you think)
Tests determining Base Line
Tests for progress

How much time is involved in all of this you might ask?

Give yourself three months you will feel great
Give yourself six months you can overcome disease
Give yourself 12 months you will recreate a whole new you
Helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary results

Live Smart~Journey Well  
Policy and Disclaimers

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and you wish to give a love donation
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Play together
stay together

A Day of Health = Wealth ©  
Improve your company performance
and bottom line

Massage Visits &
Nutrition TeleSeminars

Are You taking
someone else's  
Drugs  in your Drinking water!!!
 your best defense...

removes pharmaceutical
kills bacteria, viruses, giardia and
while chemicals,
 heavy metals and other contaminants

Probe Finds Drugs in
Drinking Water
AP Posted: 2008-03-09 19:47:32
(March 9) - A vast array of pharmaceuticals  including
antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex
hormones  have been found in the drinking water supplies
of at least 41 million Americans, an Associated Press
investigation shows.

Philadelphia: 56 pharmaceuticals or pharmaceutical by
products, including medicines used to treat pain, infection, high cholesterol, asthma, epilepsy, mental illness
 and heart problems

Full Diagnostic & Recommendations   
Written exam that is comprehensive and phone interview
You receive full spectrum view of your health deficiencies
 You will then receive your supplement and herbs recommendations.
     Coupons and samples good basic start

Coaching for results
Receive support material, coaching and inspiration      
Supplements, Herbals, Products to get you started
 Questionnaire to focus your attention and give a bigger picture
Study Guide / Instruction and Coaching via Email and phone

Things do not change; we change.  -Henry David Thoreau

Master Herbalist
Nutritional Consultant
Hot Stone Massage
Pastoral License
Hospice Volunteer
Life Coach
Reiki Master
(no longer practicing)


Service and Dedication

If you are going through a disease process and want to have someone come and daily help you through it.

I make house calls and stay with you day in and day out as long as you need me.

I will take you shopping at the whole foods stores and show you how to shop, read labels, meal planning.

I will do bodywork on the primary client as well as the care giving family members and those who are in contact with the one challenged.

I teach everyone how to understand their impact and participation with the challenged family member.

I have my fondest memories of sleeping on clients couches to help them through the night after receiving chemotherapy.

One fellow had double pneumonia, he was on 100% oxygen and was dying of multiple myloma as well.

I had a waking dream and was "given"  the formula, I then put this poultice on his chest and in four days he was healed of double pneumonia.

 Needless to say his belief sky rocketed.  His demeanor changed and much much more.  The family transition nu tritionaly, but better yet they grew together spiritually.
-Cynthia Adelle

  The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
Thomas A Edison

from Yahoo! News
NEW YORK, Oct 01 (Reuters) -- Nutrition experts say American physicians are undertrained when
 it comes to issues of nutrition and health. ``The authority whom patients most wish to consult for information on health -- their physician -- remains insufficiently informed about the role of diet in the prevention and treatment of disease"

Be Your Own Tea Master©   
Already know what you want, go to
Mountain Rose Herbs link below and find high quality bulk herbs .  
Build your own  formula's I will  help you.>  go here

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health & Harmony Com


Can your nails warn you of a heart attack?  Yes, and more, click here

What is it?
Why do you need it?
How do you get it?

- how to reverse aging
- how your family health history
does not have to play out in your

think green, think raw, think organic...grow it and munch it.

Mind: Depression, anxiety
influences calm and focus.
Great for Bi Polar, ADD, Alzheimers, memory, alertness

Heart: Reduces heart palpatations, cholesterol, strengthen arteries

Weight Control: Helps with fatty liver and the livers ability to process fat Diabetes improved.  Digestion: Leaky gut, Chron's, immune builder, Addictions: Alcohol, sugar and carbohydrates. and more and more

MSM and DMSO the cellular restoration links, turning cancer cells into good cells
other benefits:
Sore Joints and
Chronic Fatigue
Candida 'Yeast'
Soft &
Chipping Nails
Hair Loss
Scar Tissue
Lung Dysfunction
Migraine Headaches        
Digestion repair
Acid stomach

Diligence to commit to a year is important.  That is the ideal.  
The minimum time it takes to feel better?  Three - five days.
Look at your changes in two weeks, it starts to exponentially jump.  
Everything depends upon the base line which is your current health status and lifestyle.


You must learn how to take your blood pressure and understand the readings.

A simple Test that will
save your life.
Inflammation and  heart attacks and disease.

Have a CRP test. One of the most under rated, simple, effective and inexpensive way to find out if your body is in a state of inflammation

Have this $10 test done and come back to this web site and write to me, I will explain to you what it means and give you the solutions.


Tongue Diagnosis according to chinese medicine.  This is really interesting.  Now with Yin or Yang deficiencies I undertand the basics of chinese medicine and can give you the herbal and supplemental way of dealing with the issues your tongue is representing.  So click on the return button and come back and write to me with your questions.

Hot Stone Massage
For recovery and stress management


Information & Supplementation that protects and boosts your families immune system to ward off  the assaults on their
vulnerable developing systems.

Did you know that the crease on your earlobe may be a warning
you have heart disease?
This can be reversed with diligent changes in diet and exercise, using supplements and
Pure Herbs HT combo
or  Lily of the Valley / Blessed Thistle
Don't wait, it is either the knife or worse....

 Pure Herbs  #1

The Benefits:
More complete nutrition;
a host of scarce nutrients
Healthy digestion and gastrointestinal function
Enzymes, Probiotics
Healthy circulation
A stronger skeleton
Energy production
Efficient clearance of waste products of metabolism; detoxification
Neurological health
Cardiovascular function and health
Supports healthy sugar levels already within the normal range
Strengthened immunity
Antioxidant protection, to reduce biochemical events associated with aging

And some consumers
swear they look younger*
this is because of the anti-inflammatory properties of phytonutrients.  
Reduces endema (excess fluids)

 Adrenal Exhaustion
the culprit behind thyroid disfunction and why you need to address this first before taking any thyroid medications. Read the following artilce and be enlightened. Thyroid Article a must to read gives the entire  picture of adrenal exhaustion as the underpinings of hypothyroidism and

 We are here to help contact us:  Nutrition@blueirissanctuary.com

None of what is recommend in this site is to be in leu of proper medical help.  We do not treat disease in any way.  We are here to educate you and give you information on the alternative processes available to you so that you can make informed decisions and take charge of your own health issues.  We do not accept any liability for the advise and products we offer.  We are required to advise you that none of the information or products offered on this site is accepted by the AMA nor the FDA.  Please be advised and always seek professional medical advise when undertaking any suggestions in this site.  

Policy and Disclaimers: We do not offer medical advice. Consult your doctor.
We are an information source

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