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PG-G Pure Herbs

 4 P.G.-G
4 ounce  $40.00


Formulated by master herbalist Geneva Gile who had been having severe attacks of arthritis. Her neck cracked and was painful to the point it was affecting her shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists and hands. She was having trouble sleeping because of the pain and trouble moving around.  Nothing seemed to be helping but even before she had finished one 4 oz. bottle of P.G.-G and S.H.-G the pain was almost gone and she was able to get the sleep she needed.
One of her clients came down with gout and had it quite seriously. After just a few days of P.G.-G it was nearly gone. The swelling, redness and pain had almost totally subsided.
Another client, who was a runner, had foot pain so severe that running was no longer possible. The client started taking P.G.-G and within one week the foot started feeling better. After the third week the client was able to start running again.
Dissolves uric acid
Urinary system antibiotic
Build immunity system
Repairs stomach and joints
Bladder and liver cleaning properties
Vigorous body cleaner
Liver disorders
Digestive problems
Liver problems
Auto immune problems
Rheumatoid arthritis, menstrual discomfort
Recommended Dosage: 80 drops, three times per day with meals. For a power-house effect use with S.H.-G.

July 25, 2011 The P.G.-G is an excellent product! As a matter of fact it is one of the best products I have ever tried. It gives the body an overall sense of well-being. You can feel the effects almost immediately. It helped to heal my ulcer and it also helped the inflammation that was in my eyes and body. I cant wait to get some more! B. B.

June 17, 2011 I am a runner. I run three to eight miles every day. My foot started to hurt so bad I could not run any more. I started on P.G.-G and within one week my foot started to feel better. After the third week I was back to running! Thank you and God Bless you! R. O., St. Petersburg, FL

June 7, 2011 For the last few years I have suffered from reoccurring pain in my knees. It has been particularly painful if I have to sit for a long time and severe on long plane flights, which I have to make quite often. Since I am 61 years old and there has been arthritis in the family I just managed as best as I could and blamed it on ageing. However, my Herbalist gave me a bottle of her new formula P.G.-G and what a difference it made. Just half way through the 4 ounce bottle I realized I wasn't feeling pain at the usual times, but I decided to wait for the ultimate test, a long plane flight, to say anything. I just returned home and there isn't any pain. I really tried to feel the pain there. The only thing I was doing differently was taking P.G.-G so I give it full credit. Its wonderful! I hope it will be around for a long time. H. S.

July 11, 2011 My brother-in-law used the herbal combination P.G.-G for gout. He had tried everything (Acupuncture, diet & supplements like fish oil, etc.). In just two days after using the P.G.-G his symptoms were gone. He did a supplemental dose for four days and has been well since then. It did flare up once and he took the P.G.-G for four day and it disappeared again. This is a great product! C. B.

May 2011 I came down with gout and had it quite seriously. I took the P.G.G formula and after a couple of days it was nearly gone. The swelling, redness and pain had almost totally subsided. This is an excellent combination for anyone suffering with gout.

Aug. 26, 2011 On July 24th I took my husband to the emergency room around midnight. He was experiencing severe kidney pain on his right side. After four hours the pain subsided and he was released. The following night he was experiencing severe pain in the bladder area. He could not urinate. After four more hours of this pain in the emergency room they cauterized him and released him. He was very tired and still not urinating much. I called my Herbalist when we got home and she recommended P.-W, S.D.-R, Goldenseal and P.G.-G. He improved within a day and has been continuing to improve. He is also back to work. The P.G.-G took down the inflammation immediately and he began to urinate normally again. Thank you Pure Herbs for your wonderful herbs!! H.T., W. Glover, VT

Aug. 26, 2011 I would like to share my testimonial. Since I have been using P.G.-G my hand has gone back to normal. It no longer is in pain and I can do things that I use to do with it. Before using this product my hand was curling and I couldnt straighten my fingers. They were in pain and the bones were sticking outward. Thanks for this Pure Herb now I can write and
use my hand again!Deb

Nov. 8, 2011 I would like to thank my herbalist for suggesting I try the new combination P.G.-G for the problem I have with my left foot. I have had pain in my foot for a long time when I walk or bend my foot. I have gout in my big toe and a big knot in the upper joint of the foot causing a lot of pain from the toe, joint and the instep. Ive been taking the P.G.-G combination since
June 4, 2011. I have less pain and even the swelling has gone down some and I haven't even finished the first 4 ounce bottle yet! It was suggested by my Herbalist that I take two droppers full two times a day and rub some on my foot as well. Again thank you Pure Herbs P.G.-G has really helped my foot with the pain! C.S, Newport, VT

P.S. I have used Pure Herbs for many years and I swear by them. I am so much healthier!

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