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Allergy, Emphysema, Asthma by Pure Herbs

4 ounce    $40.00

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Is a formula distinguished by its success. It was developed by the noted American herbalist and natural
practitioner, Dr. William Horosh for alleviating adverse conditions, which primarily attack the respiratory
system and those who suffer from allergies. A.E.A.-B is in demand especially during the spring and late
summer months when pollen, mold spores, dust and various types of debris are a plague to many. A.E.A.-B
helps during the winter months, when the dry, stale air of artificial heating is constantly re-circulated and
aggravates breathing problems. A.E.A.-B contains two lung herbs, which immediately opens breathing
passages: Indian Tobacco and Thyme. Indian Tobacco relaxes spastic airways and rids them of hard, dried
mucus. Thyme, works by actively opening respiratory passageways and acting, in many ways, like a natural
cortisone. Licorice Root nourishes the adrenal glands, one on top of each kidney, so that they can make
more than two-dozen different anti-stress compounds, including your own natural cortisone. The
combination, Herbal Adj. (Herbal Adjustment, SEE: Herbal Adj.) immediately increases circulation and
thus, oxygenation and carries the other herbs of this combination into the tissues. Wild Rose Hips contain
a complete form of natural Vitamin C, which protects, repairs, prevents and corrects fragile capillaries (tiny,
delicate, thin, “work horse” blood vessels which connect the arteries and veins and get blood down to the
cellular levels). The lungs contain an army of these capillaries and it is here that oxygen is absorbed and the
waste gas, carbon dioxide, is released. This produces the energy to power the process of life and for
correction and refreshment of a tired and exhausted system.

COMBINATION: Indian Tobacco, Herbal Adjustment, Thyme, Wild Rose Hips, Licorice Root.

NOTE: When using A.E.A.-B, avoid contact with eyes, underarm and private areas. If an accident, no
permanent damage is known to occur, but there is the sensation of great heat due to the Herbal Adj. portion
of this formula. A person might panic if they don't know this. Flush with water, have patience and calm will

DOSAGE: 40 to 80 drops as needed. As a maintenance, 40 to 80 drops, 3 times per day. A.E.A.-B can
also be rubbed into the chest externally, front and back, several times per day for a continuing corrective
action. After applying A.E.A.-B, place a cotton towel on the chest and wear a warm natural fiber garment.
This helps to drive the herbs in and breaks loose dried and or congestive mucus.

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