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 Blue Iris Sanctuary is a small clinic offering personalized service and support

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Blood and Organ Cleansing
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Live Smart ~ Journey Well
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Helping you choose the right ones for the job

Detoxify, Alkalize, Rebuild

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Cleansing is First Line of
Healthful Defense

Organ and Blood Cleansing
Calling all tough guys and gals, cleansing is the
number one step that is a must to restore your health.  
So no whining.  
Take on the "just do it" attitude.   
We are here to support you.

Why therbs  work and do not work

Herbal Actions Terminology
Ever wonder what Cholagogue or Demulcent mean?

Look up contra indications herbs vs drugs
and more


Our daily exposure is a major health issue!!
This is a major cleansing component to bring your health up to par.
This is a daily toxic exposure through water, foods, canned foods especially.  Periodic cleanse for metals goes a long way to maintain good health and prevent health body systems breakdown.  In particular interest in this area is brain function.

Children are especially vulnerable, let alone the elderly which over a life time of exposure see's the mental health deterioration that was
long held as just a part of aging.  We now know this is not normal and should not be accepted nor tolerated.

Herbs and homeopathics for  worming products, flea repellant, recovery from vaccinations and more.  Help our fur friends with products that will take them out of the pharmeceutical loop as we are trying to do for ourselves.   

Equine remedies as well.

Young Living Essential Oils,
Aromatherapy using Young Living Products,

The brain takes in literally everything you smell.  Your brain taste's the substances.  Aromatherapy has been well documented to bring
about healing and stress reduction, let alone purify the air organicly.  

Use high quality, pure flower oils instead of harmful
air freshners.  On  Good Morning America they
showed the harmful effects of aerosols on our lungs.

Diffusers for home and car that are a safe way to
clean and freshen the air quality and bring emotional well being to you and your environment.

Read the article on the dangers of using plug in
air fresheners and switch.

By the Herbal Leaders in the Industry.  
Getting help from the best.

Build Your Own
Herbal Tea

Be Your Own Tea Master©
Ask for a consult to choose properly and how
to brew and or make tincutres or choose from
the list of formula's.  Either way custom blend
your own medicinal tea's.

Hanna Kroeger, grandmother of herbalism and the first to find an herbal solution to the adverse effects of child vaccinations and to sound the alarm as to the harm that they do.

Dr. John Christopher
The grandfather of herbalism in America.  
If only he and Hanna could have met.  Maybe they did.His native american formula's are world famous.

Organic Herbal remedies and homeopathics
 for common illnesses

help with vaccination reactions, information on nutrition and supplements.  Safe guard your children with safe herbal remedies that protect them from pandemics, flu, and more....Articles for Parenting

Supplements and Nutritional
Information guide what levels of
symptoms of toxicity and deficiencies   

The Good Fat to lose the bad

 Research done in the 1950s   
 concluded that all fat was bad.
And still today many people equate fat with weight gain, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, etc. However, certain fats actually help to prevent those conditions and are essential to good health.

Early researchers failed to distinguish between saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated  fats. They assumed at the time, that all fats (including coconut oil) were unhealthy because they raised serum cholesterol levels. But, in revisiting those studies, researchers found that hydrogenated  (refined) coconut oil had been used.

All hydrogenated oils produce higher serum cholesterol levels, and contribute to greater oxidation and free radicals in the body. In fact, further research has shown that excess amounts of trans-fatty acids (found in hydrogenated vegetable oils) increase the risk of degenerative diseases and other age-related maladies.


1. O.C.-M
Oral Chelation of metals and artery plaque
2. A.C.S.
All Cell Salts mineral source, great as electrolyte replacement
3. C.C.E.-W
Corrective Cleanse
4. Ol’ Number 11
Muscle soreness and more
5. H.T. Combination
Heart Tonic
6. Sanicle
Bad cells
7. Red Clover Blended
Bad cells
8. Can-Sol
9. KID.-W
10. T.-W
11. Herbal Adjustment
Liquid Chiropractor also great for heart
12. Whole Apricot
Bad Cells
13. Lily of the Valley & Blessed Thistle
Heart and edema also good for low BP
14. Olive Leaf
15. SI.-W
16. S.D.-R
Stone Dissolver
17. Three Bee’s
Energy, Immunity
18. UR.-W
19. Oil of Cajeput
sprains, colds, flu, serious injury...what can one say? there is more you must read
20. W.-W worms
21. Formula Max
Multi vitamin
22. T.G. & P.-W
Teeth and Gums, removes plaque (hint use it in water pic )
23. CA.-W
Calcium Plant source calms nerves, strong bones, over come teeth hurting, cold sweats, ringing in the ears...
24. D.A.N.-C
Depression Anxiety Nerves
25. N.-W
Nerves. Calming repair of nerves.

#1 Green Food in the Country!


Knowledge is power ~ Take charge.

Herbal Lectures CD set

The Complete Works of Dr. John R. Christopher
Empower yourself with one of the leading herbalists.

School of Natural Healing
Herbal Home Health Care

"In five years, you'll be exactly the person you are today except for the books you read  and the people you meet."
Charlie "Tremendous!" Jones

Life is only lived through action.  Everytime you take action or do not, it matters

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