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Pure Herbs OCM Oral Chelation
OCM 4 ounce
4OCM  $40.00

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Other customer
HT Combo for heart repair
is a great combination with

OCM for oral chelation of arteries
a powerful combination with
HT Combo

Herbal Adjustment
is a cayenne based product that can stop a heart attack and stroke from going too far.  Put a droper full under the tongue in the crisis

Keep your bowels toned
and excellent for flu prevention
1 tablespoon and you knock it out before it does you

O.C.-M - (Oral Chelation = taken by mouth + to claw out) The importance of keeping arteries and veins free of fats, cholesterol and hardened waste mineral accumulation, can be the difference between a normal life and a substandard existence with reduced activity, life expectancy and or memory problems. Oral chelation is the action of taking herbal cleaners and conditioners, by mouth, to prevent and clean out circulatory congestion. Please note, there need be no fear here of congested bits of debris breaking loose, lodging and causing a problem elsewhere.

Herbs are intimately well-programmed by the Creator to do their job with only intended effects and without dangerous side effects. They can be used with confidence. Chickweed dissolves fat and promotes flexibility. Flax dissolves cholesterol and a type of fat known as triglycerides (glycerol and stearic, oleic and palmitic fatty acids).

Stone Root dissolves stone accumulation anywhere in the body, including heart valves, kidneys and bladder, as well as the circulatory system.

The leaves of the two herbs, Ginkgo and Gotu Kola, (there is no caffeine in Gotu Kola; this is a miniature water lily, not the kola nut) nourish the brain and nervous system and keep energy flowing to them. In the process, they also build a strong memory and, in the case of a stroke, reverse the damage.

If it is known specifically where the blood vessels are congested, such as the neck or the heart, then an external application can be undertaken to speed the process of cleaning and normalization. Apply Vitamin E from 100 i.u. capsules (International Unit, i.u., is an international measurement of liquid vitamins) to the area to prevent irritation, then Herbal Adj. to increase circulation (avoid contact with eyes, underarms and private areas as this can produce a temporary but unpleasant burning sensation, although no permanent damage is done), then apply Oil of Cajeput (with the same precaution as Herbal Adj.) to the skin to break up mucus congestion.

Finally, saturate a single layer of cheese cloth or absorbent gauze with O.C.- M. Lay this over the area to be chelated. Cover with plastic sandwich wrap and finally, wrap a cloth around the area to keep all in place overnight. The next morning, discard the application, wash the area and allow to dry, then put on a daytime application just as was done for the night. Continue this procedure for the night and day until chelation is completed and all structures are normal.

Keeping a good working circulatory system and correcting a congested circulatory system makes good sense and improves the quality of life.

COMBINATION: Ginkgo, Gotu Kola, Chickweed, Flax, Stone Root.

DOSE: 40 to 80 drops, 3 times per day and, as given above. For maintenance of the normal circulatory system, take 40 to 80 drops per day. In the case of a stroke, then the addition of Chestnut Leaf at the rate of 40 to 80 drops taken internally, 3 times per day, is a worth-while addition to complete the repair process and dissolve and prevent blood clots.

2003 Testimonial: Barbara Hastey received a call from the nursing home saying that her mother had a mini-stroke. As Barbara went out the door, she grabbed a bottle of OCM!! Her mother's right eye was wide open and she had no control over her right arm. So for 1-1/2 hours, every 10 minutes, Barbara would give her mom a dropper squirt of OCM. At the end of that time, her mom was fine and laughing!! The eye was normal and the arm and hand could be controlled. (She was squeezing Barbara's hand.)

Testimonial June 2004: I have been a Pure Herbs' Distributor since the beginning of this year. I have high cholesterol and my doctor tried a couple of different medications. The first medication I tried was Lipitor, but after a few months of taking this medication I started to have a problem with my liver. Next, I tried Zocor and after awhile I started to notice I was in pain all of the time. I found out one of the side effects was muscle and joint pain. I stopped taking the Zocor and decided to try OCM 1/2 teaspoon 3x/day along with one Taplespoon of liquid Lecithin and 1/2 teaspoon of Flax Seed just before bedtime. My total cholesterol has dropped ten points with my HDL up four points and my LDL down 15. Thank God for Pure Herbs' products and for the helpful staff that works there." -- Lamar Harris, Clinton Twp, MI

February 3, 2005 "Since October of 2004 my husband was given OCM and SDR, taken internally as suggested by Bella Vladimirsky, for the so-called Smoker's Disease also known as bilateral lower extremity severe vascular disease. Bella also suggested that my husband soak his lower extremities in Research Formula and topically rub on Oil of Cajeput, Herbal Adjustment and Klamath Weed. My husband faithfully did what Bella suggested and by December of 2004 my husband told Bella that he felt 90% better. He is so glad he didn't listen to the Heart Specialist that wanted to do surgery on both of his legs. My husband, as of February 2005, was still continuing the herbs internally plus putting on the herbs externally on his legs. Thank you for the new attitude my husband now has about Pure Herbs." -- Argie Everett (member since 1994), Alice, TX.

January 2005 "I'd like to share my experience with you that I have had over the last few months. In March 2004 I started having some health problems, nothing I couldn't handle, but I was not well. I wasn't getting good rest, I had stiffness in all my joints when I got up from a sitting position, my arms and elbows ached, I thought I had arthritis. I was having hot flashes, night sweats and a lot of problems with my menstrual period. I had headaches, a lot of gas, and reflux problems. I also had very bad varicose veins in both legs. The week I went to the Iridologist I would go to work, come home and make it to the couch where I stayed until my children came home from school. I told my 15 year old son one day that I didn't know what was wrong with me, but I just didn't feel like living. He said, 'Mom don't say that you are too young to die.' I just felt so bad, I wanted to die. I went to the Iridologist on August 4, 2004. I began taking: O.C.-M., A.C.S., Red Clover Blended, N.-W, T.-W, CA.-W, Corta Flx, Herbal Adjustment and V.V.H.-W. and after about two weeks I started to feel a difference. For the first time in 15 years I looked forward to bedtime. My husband commented on how much sounder I slept. Also, my energy level increased. My work requires me to be on my feet all day and I noticed that my varicose veins didn't hurt and sting as much as in the past. I haven't had to take anything for pain on a daily basis. Everything has improved! I'm only 37 years old and I want to share my testimonial with the world! My entire lifestyle changed within only a few months. I just wish I hadn't waited so long to learn about your products." --T.E., Sulphur Well, KY

June 6, 2005 "I called Daniel for plumbing services on the recommendation of a friend. Daniel noticed the liquid herbs on my coffee table and an herbal conversation developed ending in his order of the O.C.M. and Flax. Testimonials such as this greatly encourage me and further confirm my faith in Pure Herbs." --Henry Parker, St. Clair Shores, MI  
Here is Daniel's testimonial from July 1, 2005: "I wanted to let you know that using the O.C.M. and Flax liquid extracts daily dropped my cholesterol significantly. I have high cholesterol and used to take Tricor to control it. However, Tricor caused breathing problems for me. Three months ago, before receiving the O.C.M. and Flax from you, my cholesterol was at 248. It is now 182. My triglycerides were a whopping 647 and are now 227. My HDL was 52.5 and is now 46.9 and my LDL is 89.7. So I am giving credit where credit is due. Taking the O.C.M. and the Flax is the only thing that I changed. I cannot seem to follow a strict diet and using your products (Pure Herbs) helps me. Thank you." --Daniel
November 7, 2005 "Qualifying and running in the Boston Marathon has been a goal of mine for several years. After running my first marathon ten years ago, I've run four since with no success in qualifying. My main problems seem to be around mile 20-22 with an increased bone on bone feel in my hips, thus making me slow down and walk. Having to run in a given time for your age, this was preventing me from my goal. Even changing my training habits had little effect on me hitting the 'wall' and breaking down. After sharing my situation with Pat and Al at Pure Herbs, they recommended several herbs that would help me get through the rigorous training and through the tough part of the race. O.C.M., Ol' Number 11, Wild Rose Hips, Yucca, Devil's Claw and H.N.S.-W were the herbs I took for several months before the race. Throughout my training, I also used the Sports Cream Plus to aid with muscle soreness. This allowed for ZERO missed training days due to fatigue. My recovery rate was outstanding and energy level for later on in the days was great as well. I could run 22 miles on training day and have enough left to cut the grass, plant several bushes and feel great all day. As marathon day approached, a big fear of runners is catching a cold and having that spoil the months of training. Al suggested I take Astragalus. What a great relief, as the days past, that I did not have a symptom of a cold and was ready to go marathon morning! I was happy to report back to Pat and Al that not only did I break my personal record by over six minutes, I also qualified for the Boston Marathon by 9 seconds! I did not have to stop one time during the race, my hips felt great, and with that slim margin, the herbs played a big part in reaching my goal. Before it took three weeks for me to recover from my last marathon. This year, I ran three DAYS later and felt great. Pure Herbs was and is a great help! Thank you! -- Doug Bohannon, MI

March 26, 2007 "The Lord has used the herbs to save my life. I was on five different high blood pressure medications and one diabetes medication. The doctor told me my kidneys were barely in the normal range. I also had a stroke three years ago. I quit taking my medication and I told the Lord he would have to help me because no one else knew enough. That is when I heard of Solomon Wickey. I wrote him and he suggested I take O.C.M (Oral Chelation- for mineral supplementation and to clean the blood vessels). My blood pressure went down in one month from 225/125 to 145/75. Solomon suggested I stay on the O.C.-M. for a few months, but I may never stop taking it because I feel so good! My eyesight is better, I have more energy and my life is so much better. I tell everyone I know about the O.C.M. My husband has even starting taking the O.C.M. and he is now starting to feel better. Thank you God!" --Gloria Irey, Westlake, LA  

February 6, 2006: "I enjoyed my conversation with Kim the other day. She was very nice and kind to me and I wish to give my testimony about some of your fine products I am using. I have been using OCM for several years and would not be without it. Also, I was in a severe automobile accident several years ago and my right eye was so bad they thought I would lose it. I have nerve damage now from it, but have been using Greasewood on my eye brows and my eyes have opened up more and they are better. Other people have noticed the difference in the way my eyes were sometimes almost closed and now are opening more. I am also a big believer in Bilberry, HT Combination, Peppermint Oil, Herbal Adjustment and Cascara Sagrada. I have also used E-W for my eyes. I have used all of these products for several years and I am a firm believer in them and would not do without them. I would like to compliment you and your company for being such fine people and have such fine products. I am 76 years old and I work one day a week (Saturday) at one of your places that sells your herbal products. I work for Good Life in Shreveport, LA. Mrs. Betty Harbour owns the store which is family-owned and operated. She and all of her family are wonderful people and a pleasure to work for. They are very knowledgeable about your products and I really appreciate them letting me work there. Thank you Pure Herbs again for being such fine people with such fine products, and also for being so kind and nice to me when I called. May God Bless everyone there." -- Mrs. Doris Henderson, Shreveport, LA

May 8, 2006 "My mother was in a nursing home some time ago. The head nurse called me and told me Mom had a stroke. I grabbed my O.C.M and went to see her. Her right eye was wide opened and her right arm had no control. I gave her a dropper full of O.C.M. every five minutes and in one hour she was singing, her arm was working and she was in control. Now, my husband, daughter and I use O.C.M. every day - six droppers a day." --Barbara Hastey, Dover NJ

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