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Pure Herbs V.V.H.-W
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Only in very recent, modern times have so-called learned men in North America thrown up their hands in
despair about correcting varicose veins and resorted to cutting people with knives in a vain attempt to
correct weak veins. This is barbaric. Cutting a well person with a knife can hurt them; you can imagine
what it does to a sick person. What we must do is work on the cause of the problem. Knives do not cut out
the cause of the problem; they cut out the result of the problem. If the cause of the problem is not addressed
and corrected, then it is free to cause the same problem again in the very same area, or ravage another part
of the body, such as cause a stroke or rupture of a vessel in the lungs, heart or varicose veins elsewhere. Let
us work on the cause. Knitbone (Comfrey) is body glue that glues you back together again. Chestnut
Leaves, White Oak Bark and Calendula are officially recognized by natural practitioners as a cure for
varicose veins. Calendula softens scar tissue and adhesions (blood vessels or intestines or other structures
growing together and causing a blockage, with resultant backup and swelling) and cause normal flexibility
to return to these structures. White Oak Bark also functions as a first-rate antibiotic. Wild Rose Hips makes
strong elastic blood vessels. This truly inspired team of herbs is a blessing to Mankind in its efforts to
alleviate suffering and disappointment. So remember, a team like this will probably do you a lot more good
than a potato chip and a soda pop, to keep your body young and in good shape. If overweight, however,
you may have to shed a few pounds to take the weight stress off of your legs and or hemorrhoid areas to
affect lasting repair and prevent a reoccurrence. Other than that, eliminate acid foods, clean up your diet,
adjust your weight, and use a bowel maintenance program. (SEE: Cascara Sagrada, C.C.E.-W, Buckthorn)
and enjoy the benefits of V.V.H.-W combination.

COMBINATION: Knitbone (Comfrey), Calendula, Chestnut Leaves, White Oak Bark, Wild Rose Hips.

SPECIAL NOTE: V.V.H.-W has been used by practitioners to repair blood vessels throughout the body
such as in the lungs, of the heart and brain. Its use need not be confined to the area of the rectum and legs
for repair of varicose veins.

NOTE: Most cases respond within 2 weeks. After this time, consider a maintenance amount of V.V.H.-W
to prevent reoccurrence. Also, continue a good bowel maintenance program. In this case, what gets you
well usually keeps you well.

DOSAGE: 80 drops, 4 times per day, faithfully, along with a bowel maintenance program which produces
at least 2, and preferably 3, soft, easy and complete movements per day.

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