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Urinary Tract Infections URW Pure Herbs

  4 ounce $40.00

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Urinary Tract Infections URW Pure Herbs
UR.-W (Urinary) - For urinary tract problems of all kinds, corrects burning, reduces swelling of prostate and uterus, pinching, pressure, tightens urinary sphincter control to correct incontinence and dissolves stones of the kidneys and bladder. When using a kidney formula for dissolving accumulated waste or flushing out infections, it is a good idea to drink at least 6 glasses of a good spring water per day, or "Green Drink" can be taken at the rate of 1 cup full, every hour, while awake. Prepare a live green drink by blending 1 handfull of any fresh, edible green leaves of lettuce (no head lettuce please) with 1 pint (1/2 liter) of water.

Blend for one minute and filter through a paper coffee filter, if desired. Make fresh daily, and chill in the refrigerator to keep throughout the day. If going out, then take an insulated vacuum bottle along for hourly use. If urine flow has stopped, then liberally apply UR.-W directly to the kidney areas on the back which are under and above the last ribs. Apply several times until the urinary flow resumes. If a stubborn problem that requires more intensive work, then apply Vitamin E from 100 i.u. capsules (i.u. stands for International Unit and is a measure of liquid vitamins) to prevent irritation. Next, especially if there is pain, apply Herbal Adj. and Peppermint Oil or Oil of Cajeput directly to the skin. Then, soak a single layer of absorbent gauze or cheese cloth with UR.-W and lay this over the kidney area. Cover with plastic sandwich wrap and finally, wrap a cloth around the body to hold all in place. This procedure is known as a fomentation (fo'-men-tay-shun). Leave on overnight, each night, until well. This can be repeated for the daytime, if needed. Wash the area and allow to dry before putting on a new fomentation.

Never reuse a fomentation as this time-release procedure not only drives the herbs into the affected area, it also pulls poisons out of the body in the reverse direction. Take internally, daily, to correct infections and prevent problems. For men and women it is very important to have a good bowel maintenance program, in conjunction with solving urinary problems, to guard against bowel wastes being reabsorbed and irritating the surrounding areas.

(SEE: Cascara Sagrada, C.C.E.-W, Buckthorn) For women it is important to use the napkin instead of the tampon, as the tampon holds irritants internally that aggravate surrounding areas. If additional assistance is needed, then consider the use of Pipsissewa (or Blue Cohosh if not pregnant) in case venereal infections may be related to the suffering, at the rate of 40 drops, 3 times per day.

COMBINATION: Cornsilk, Uva Ursi, Gravel Root, Buchu, Yarrow.

DOSE: As a daily maintenance of the urinary tract, 30 to 40 drops per day. If an active problem, then 40 to 80 drops internally, after meals, or hourly while awake, in times of crisis and as given above.

Testimonial July 2003: "Dear friends at Pure Herbs, this past winter I introduced by friend, Carole Ann, to UR-W. She had been experiencing frequent urination for many months with slight incontinence (four to five trips to the bathroom during the night, with urgency). After only one month of using UR-W and drinking six to eight glasses of water and a wholesome nutritional program, she is seeing great improvement. She sleeps through the night and when she is out somewhere she doesn't have to seek out the nearest restroom in a hurry. What a blessing! --Sheila Kaplowitz, Hendersonville, NC

July 2003: "I am 60 years old. I would like to share with you my testimony on my life living with pancreatic and liver cancer and diabetes. In 1990, I had just purchased a small country store and shortly after found out I had pancreatic and liver cancer. The doctors operated on me and sewed me up to die, said I had six months or less. I was very depressed and very scared. My daughter in Indiana told me of a Baptist minister who knew a lot about herbs. I went to see him because I had nothing to lose. His name is Frank Miesse from Springfield-Xenia, OH. He knew I was in bad shape. He put me on a cleansing program using many different herbs. I didn't even have room for food. I made all of my juices from fresh fruit and vegetables. There were times when I felt so sick I thought I would die any day, but I kept up on all the treatment he put me on. After about six months, Frank told me about a man in Casper WY, Ralph Schaus, who had a good cancer herb that is alike an herbal chemo. I started on that and other herbs and I started improving. It was a slow go, but I'm so thankful, because it has been 12 years and I'm still living and in fair health. My regular medical doctors said it was a bunch of hog wash (herbs), but could not believe it after I passed my six month mark. They said, 'we may not believe in it, but go ahead with it, because you are improving and we offered you no hope.' I made many trips to Ohio to see Mr. Frank Miesse. He is so happy with my results. He told me of an herbalist that he trained in Tomkinsville, KY (Reuben Schwartz). I went to see him and he had already heard from Frank about my life. I told him about the problems I was having with my thyroid, colon, digestive system, kidneys and about my heart blockage. I also told him about other problems I was having. He suggested T-W (1 teaspoon 4 x's per day), Mega-Chel (Nature's Sunshine) to clean my arteries, Herbal Adjustment (mineral maintenance) for my arteries, Slippery Elm, Psyllium (bowel softener and lubricant), L-Salivarius for digestion (3 caps 3x/day), Maximizer for digestion (3 caps 3x/day), SD-R (stone dissolver), UR-W (urinary tract), BBW (Brain and Balance), Vitamin E (immune system builder), HT Combination (heart), Formula Three (1 teaspoon 3x/day). N-W (pituitary gland), Gotu Kola (pituitary gland), Wood Betony and Eyebright (for loss of eyesight in left eye). I have told so many people about these herbs. I personally know six people who have beat cancer with herbal treatment and faith. I wish everyone would try the natural herbs that God gave us to use. If only they knew the damage that 'man-made' medicines or drugs do to their body. God bless and thanks for the Pure Herbs, because I know many are not pure!"
---Jane Fishback, Edmonton, KY

Testimonial May 2004: "I would like to share with you my pain and more pain, and the great help I received from Hope Lang, using Pure Herbs products. I was injured when I was a young man, while learning the fine art of kick boxing and Taekwondo. After three years of training and fighting in tournaments I received several injuries to my groin area. As the years passed, I had a harder time urinating, it would take forever to empty my bladder and it was very painful. After many trips to see my doctor and many tests, they found I had a blockage in the urinary tract. They gave me a #10 catheter, which I had to insert so I could urinate. It did not take very long using the catheter that everything that it touched was very sore and bleeding. I went to the doctor's office a few more times to see if there was anything that could be done about the blockage. My doctor said there was only one way to correct my problem and that was to surgically make a new drainage incision between my legs and disconnect the male organ.

This did not set well with me or my wife. I started talking with Hope about my problem. She said I might try using the following:
URW: 40 drops twice a day for six months. Then decrease to 40 drops once a day for four months. Then stay at 40 drops for an additional three months.
RST: 20 drops twice a day for six months. Then decrease to ten drops once a day for four months. Then stay at 10 drops for an additional three months.
P-W: 40-80 drops three times a day for six months. Then decrease to 40 drops twice a day for four months. Then stay at 40 drops once a day for an additional three months.
CCE: 40 drops twice a day for six months. Then decrease to 20 drops each evening for four months. Then stay at 40 drops each evening for an additional three months.

I took these products, hoping it would help as I did not like the doctor's approach for fixing my problem. I started taking Pure Herbs products and found I did not need the catheter. Within a few weeks I felt a huge improvement. I had a strong urge to go urinate. I was very surprised that I passed a substance that was the size of an egg yolk and it splashed into the toilet. I was startled by the substance, at how large it was and the grayish color of it and that it did not float. I stayed on the products for almost one year, as I didn't want to have a recurrence of this problem again. I'm very happy to say that I have not had to visit the doctor since I started taking these products. It has now been over two years and everything is working great! Oh yes, Hope is my step-mom. Thanks again Mom!" -- Lorne Lang, Federal Heights,CO

February 7, 2005 "My husband and I both have diabetes. You have seen the ad on TV that goes 'Gotta Go Right Now' (overactive bladder)! Well, it's no joke! I was first to use UR.-W, then I started to give it to my husband. We don't have to run anymore. We take two droppers in the morning and two droppers at night. It works great for us.
Thanks again Pure Herbs." --B.H., Dover, NJ

Urinary Tract and Prostate Issues  if Kidney involve ment then KYD is a good adjunct.

The Prostate Combo Pack $177.50
 includes shipping anywhere in the USA via UPS

This is for Women The Urinary Combo Pack as well  
$177.50 includes shipping anywhere in the USA via UPS

4P-W  4 ounce $40.00
Reduce prostate swelling and lower  PSA

4UR-W  4 ounce $40.00
Helps with Urinary tract
infection swelling

4RST  4 ounce $40.00
Removal of scar tissue
that blocks the uretha

4CCE -W  4 ounce $40.00
Corrective Cleanse to
help you eliminate the toxins as you cleanse

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